Thursday, June 27, 2019

TheCampusHouse.Com, Babes...Hunks...WebCams...Slasher

Does anyone study in college? Not in the movies that make this blog. This isn't a criticism as the students in these films are very busy. They drink alcoholic beverages, have pre-marital sex, smoke marijuana, and die horribly at the hands of a slasher with a fanaticism for morality. The 80s era slasher films arrived in the new millennium with little to adapt to. College students hadn't changed, especially their penchant for pre-marital sex, but they became computer savvy. No matter, in 2002's, they will die in the same fashion.
35 years ago a very pretty aspiring artist was impaled in her home by a slasher. The crime was never solved. Present day, that house is re-opened and will be housing for Decatur College hunks and babes. Six lookers will be invited to live there as part of a webcam reality show. Cameras will capture their every trial, scandal, sex-act, and moments of nudity. Brook (Tracy Pacheco) is the beauty we glob on to. She's a beauty and has a bit of a clean-cut personae. Her bestie and roomie Jessica (Amy Hunter) is the prototypical slut and is constantly taking her top off...on camera. The makers of the show are sincere, and the pretty director Caroline (Renee Townes) is eager for her cast to get more risque.
Uh oh...someone else appears to have showed up. At first some of the control room crew get it. Decapitation or impalement are favorite methods of our psycho. Then the students begin to assume room temperature. Brook begins looking better and shows more cleavage and her roomie Jessica continues to take her clothes off. Awww, some of them fall in love and Brook and Ian (Jason Hamer) hook-up...they are so cute.  As the students begin thinking the killer of 35 years ago has returned they begin investigating. This won't go well as they find out nothing and decide to split up...and Jessica continues to take her top off. More will die and as Jessica dons a tight, leather mini-skirt, we are certain her demise is imminent.
Is the killer from 35 years ago back for more carnage? Are Brook and Ian too cutesy to be real, and is one of them our fiend? How about the babe Caroline the director, might she be introducing murder to increase the traffic on her new webcam show? The kills are pretty good and there is a lot of cheesecake and beefcake in this one. For a metaphor of the intellectual carnage facing our brightest kids on over-priced college campuses, enjoy "TheCampusHouse.Com," directed by David J. Gardner.

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  1. Oh, you captured the B grade angst, that pink short dress, wraparound thingy, did it for me~