Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hell Asylum, Actress Wannabes Shredded by Ghosts

Reality TV! I think it is going out the door as America tires of this gimmick. I say that, but in 2002 when "Hell Asylum" was made, the same logic was put forth, yet we still have reality TV today. No matter, if a plot device has a sultry blonde clad in black undies and black leather boots running through a haunted asylum as malicious ghosts chase her...well...reality TV or not, this is true poetry. From Full Moon Pictures and Charles Band, "Hell Asylum" is our feature today.
Max (Timothy Muskatell) is producing a reality TV show called "Chill Challenge." He has five sultry contestants that will vie for a million dollars. The babes will have to complete challenges in a very haunted asylum. The contestants? Paige (Debra Mayer) is the beautiful bitch. Amber (Tanya Dempsey), the aforementioned booted blonde. Rainbow (Sunny Lombardo) is a Goth. Stacey (Stacey Scowley) is another blonde babe. Marti (Olimpia Fernandez), the tough-talking athlete. The show starts and we learn immediately the ghosts are real and they tend to pull all the innards out of their victims.
The girls are all cowards and will scream well, but their given tasks meet with extreme violence. Uh oh...this show may not be on the up and up as Max may have a plant among the matter, the ghosts won't care and begin shredding the lovelies. As Max' staged scares beset the young ladies, so do the ghosts. Pick your favorite one, but choosing a final girl (if there is one) will not be easy. A highlight is when Amber has maggots and centipedes poured on her and she reacts by stripping to her black undies and leather admirable reaction to B movie fans. Crew and lovelies are all prey to the asylum ghosts and the specters don't have an appetite to spare anyone.
Just who are these ghosts and what is the backstory of this asylum? Will Amber's striptease of fear and alluring undie and boot get-up boost her chances at being the 'final-girl'? Even if everyone dies, will the networks still run the taped footage in search of ratings? Gratuitous in gore and cheesecake, "Hell Asylum" is a worthwhile take, especially if you like to see beauties, with alluring get-ups, running for their lives.


  1. Just for the beauties, I'm in !!!! forget about the cheesecakes!

  2. Hey, its Ella from TheHorrorBlog ( Great review! I hadn't actually heard of this until I read your review, but now feel I need to go check it out haha

  3. ...Is there any other reaction in Horror to hot chicks having centipedes & maggots poured on them? This member of the online Horror community hopes not! Thanks for the heads up on this one Christopher can't really refuse a Full Moon/Charles Band flick so I'll definitely check this one out, very nice review mate