Monday, June 3, 2019

Beware the Lake, Ghost Hunts Cheerleaders

Not as gratuitous as it may sound, but today we look at a film featuring a malignant ghost hunting high-school cheerleaders. Okay, gratuity does slip into this one, and the lovelier one is, the more ominous the death. 2017's "Beware the Lake" is a neat ghost flick that features a babe ghost in undies stalking beauties with revenge on her mind. Directed by Elgin Cahill who utilizes an attractive cast to deliver the scares.
Witchcraft in Romania, because of political unrest, comes to Colorado. Tabitha (Anja Knebel), originally from Romania, but very Americanized moves in with her witch-aunt. Tabitha falls for Max (JP Dayton) and his brother Mason (Jonathan Lipnicki). She could do better...but Max is cute. Uh oh, Blair (Ava Dalgaard) is the cheerleader captain who either Max or Mason, or both, just dumped. She's not happy that the two brothers now drool over the newcomer. Blair devises a plan...lure Tabitha to a lake, get her to strip to her undies and send her swimming...don't ask, they succeed in this. Part two of the off and summon a couple of rapists to assault Tabitha. The rapists lose control and break Tabitha's neck.
Uh oh...when Tabitha doesn't come home, her aunt puts a curse on Max...and presumably the cheer team. Now the beauties start dreaming of a dripping wet, underwear clad Tabitha stalking them. Every dream, Tabitha gets closer and one day pretty Haylie (India Wanebo) wakes with bruises on her neck. Uh oh again...the cheerleaders begin dying mysterious deaths. Now Blair and Max figure out what is going on and try to find a way to stop the angry ghost.
Can Blair stop Tabitha before she gives Blair what she deserves? Will Max or Mason be spared the carnage since Tabitha was hot for them? In this cheerleaders-in-peril film, will any of the beauties die during a gratuitous shower scene? Low-budget all the way but the acting is good and the victims are quite attractive. For a standard but entertaining ghost/revenge film, enjoy "Beware the Lake."

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  1. I'm starting to see a recurring pattern going on here!!!