Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Dark Stranger, Dangers of Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are growing in popularity and are arriving as counter-culture mediums become mainstream. Many are dark and ominous, and many beget TV shows ("The Walking Dead") or movies ("Whiteout" or "Priest"). As with any artistic medium, these novels can consume as fictitious landscapes cross the line into least in the minds of the writers or readers. Hence 2015's "The Dark Stranger."
Leah (Katie Findlay) is a talented young artist recovering from all sorts of psychological maladies. She's a cutter, and depression almost got her. Her mom (Emma Campbell), also an artist, committed suicide after battling the bottle and severe depression. Unable to create after her mom's suicide, Leah assumes she will suffer the same fate as her mom. After a blood draining accident, magic happens...Leah's creativity comes back and she begins creating a graphic novel. Uh that red ink really ink? The plot centers on a far off land where she is a created being with a beautiful gift of song. Uh oh...some dark force has taken over her drawing hand and born out of that is a dark stranger (Stephen McHattie) bent on capturing the soul of Leah.
As the Dark Stranger is created, anyone who tries to help Leah is her shrink Dr. Parsons (Jennifer Dale). The shrink gets it when the dark stranger emerges from the pages inked by Leah and twists her head around. Now its a battle of wills as Leah tries to add to her work by fighting the dark stranger. The dark stranger is strong and is able to muscle Leah's drawing hand to create what he wants. As the specter gets smarter, he abducts Leah's loved ones and holds them hostage until Leah finishes her work the way he wants. Now Leah knows she must confront the thing...but where, in her world or his world?
Will Leah's ending to her new story be inspired by the dark stranger? Exactly what is the backstory of this fiend...did Leah really create it or did he grab onto Leah?  Will her mom's bloody fate also be Leah's? Graphic novel fans will enjoy "The Dark Stranger," as much of the landscape is in the pages of Leah's work. For an interesting, and bloody story, see "The Dark Stranger," directed by Chris Trebilcock.

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  1. This one just plunges the knife into the heart of understanding, there are unhinged people lining up behind us at Coscos, be careful out there.