Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Secret Agent Super Dragon, Even Better Than James Bond

A gym full of nubile college coeds playing basketball. Then, in an instant, the world's biggest cat-fight as all the coeds try to rip each other apart. This is what is at stake in this 1966 action/exploitation flick, "Secret Agent Super Dragon." As the James Bond franchise has gotten moody, dark, and irrelevant, we harp back to a more innocent time where nubile babes often ended up in states of undress and a square jaw hero was always nearby to have pre-marital sex with them. There will be nubile coeds, nubile femme-fatales, nubile secret agents, and nubile local skanks...all seeking carnal relations with the handsome protagonist.
Michigan college students are acting weird, violent, and sometimes homicidal. Okay, I know...but in 1966 this was mildly weird. Bryan (Ray Danton) aka Super Dragon, takes the case after his colleague is killed. He heads to the Michigan college where nubile babes flock to him before turning into vicious killing machines. Bryan finds out that a mysterious shipment from Amsterdam arrived at the college and was used to infect the students. Off to Amsterdam he goes where he is met by another secret agent, Charity Farrel (Marisa Mell). Uh oh...she's sultry and will have pre-marital sex with Bryan, but can she be trusted?
Charity and Bryan trace the mysterious drug to a mad-scientist (Carlo D'Angelo) named Lamas. Lamas, unbeknownst to Bryan, has hooked Charity on the drug. Uh oh, another beautiful woman has already died from the effects of the drug. Bryan calls his favorite secret agent colleague to join him, Comfort (Margaret Lee). Comfort arrives and after some pre-marital sex with Bryan, is a target of Lamas and Charity's jealousy.  As Lamas' men try to kill Bryan, Comfort gets all dolled up to infiltrate Lamas' mansion and laboratory...uh oh, they are ready for her. Both Comfort and Charity will be put in much peril and Comfort will be stripped to her undies in preparation for torture. Bryan, smarter than James Bond, might just be able to save them and also rid the college scene of the evil intentions of a twisted mad-scientist.
Will Bryan be in time to save the underwear clad Secret Agent Comfort? Will Comfort and Charity engage in a knockdown-drag out cat-fight? Are students at large American universities worth being saved? This one features a lot of cheesecake and beefcake, with much corny action and little devices that would make James Bond proud. For some fun action and visually pleasing characters, see "Secret Agent Super Dragon."

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  1. The 60's , another great review, I see the mad scientist appears, now I see where you get your plot devices from!!