Thursday, January 24, 2019

Decadent Evil, Vampire Babes vs. Midget

Three sultry vampire women carry our film today...and I might add...a Charles Band film!  The vampire conflict contained in this movie might have began among the elite in sophisticated Europe. As with everything that is tempered in America...or Los Angeles, to be more devolves into decadence and carnal conflict. Hence, 2005's "Decadent Evil." Vampire strippers and bloody threesomes will carry our story today.
Fleeing eastern Europe, Morella (Debra Mayer), a vampire beauty, lands in Los Angeles. She and her two stripper vampire babes, Spyce (Raelyn Hennessee) and Sugar (Jill Michelle) ply their trade. The two strippers lure prey for Morella...guys and gals. Morella needs to bite 10,000 victims to become queen of all vampires. She is very close to that goal. The strippers use their sex-appeal to lure hunks and babes into Morella's castle and the trio then feed on them after the promise of a wild threesome.
Uh oh, Sugar has a mortal boyfriend, Dex (Daniel Lennox). She wants to leave the world of vampirism and run off with the hunk. Morella doesn't intend to let her go. Enter a midget Van Helsing, Ivan (Phil Fondacaro). Ivan has been tracking Morella since she killed his dad. Armed with stakes and garlic powder, Ivan finds Dex and convinces him to help kill Morella. As Dex and Ivan penetrate Morella's castle, Dex intends to save Sugar and run off with her. Ah, but wait! The duo may have a weird ally...a 12 inch mini-mutant vampire kept in a bird cage by Morella. The kills will be erotic and often include beautiful women handcuffed to a bed as the vampire vixens strip them of their clothes and undies. Decadent is the operative word here.
Just who or what is this 12 inch thing in the birdcage? Will Sugar be able to find love outside the vampire world? Does a midget Van Helsing figure have any shot at slaying the future queen of all vampires? Erotic and sleazy will rule the day in "Decadent Evil." For a less sophisticated vampire tale, where stripper vampires arrange threesomes with their sultry queen, "Decadent Evil" is a film for you. Not that anyone would want to see any of this stuff...but if you did...

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  1. Enter Ivan the Garlic, a midget vampire, no Tom Cruise or Anne Rice, and you have a movie that will be lapped up in the occult loving people of Asia!