Sunday, January 20, 2019

Heartstopper, Shocker Meets Halloween 2

A crazed lunatic comes back to life after being fried in the electric chair. A teenage lass in the hospital is stalked by a seemingly invincible slasher. If you loved Wes Craven's "Shocker" and the original "Halloween 2," then 2006's "Heartstopper" is for you. Sure, perhaps this film is a rip-off of two neo-classics but at least it ripped off two movies we enjoyed instead of "Silkwood" and "Ordinary People." Warning, this one has a massacre scene you won't believe.
Serial killer Jonathan Chambers (James Binkley) is put to death in the electric chair after killing 'gazillions' of peeps by ripping out their hearts with his bare hands. On his way to the hospital for an autopsy, the police escort hits suicidal teenage beauty Sara (Meredith Henderson). She's put in the ambulance next to Chambers' corpse. Before they get to the hospital a psychic bond develops after the killer's tattoos jump over to Sara. At the hospital, Chambers reanimates and rips the heart out of the coroner. Sara knows Chambers is alive but pretty Nurse Denise (Laura de Carteret) doesn't believe her, nor does anyone else. Too bad, Chambers then starts ripping the hearts out of everyone he meets at the hospital.
Sheriff Berger (Robert Englund) figures out that Chambers is alive again, but will be of little help before Chambers does his number on him. Quasi-juvenile delinquent Walter (Nathan Stephenson) is wheeled in with stab wounds. He'll eventually believe Sara and now the two of them are running for their lives. Uh oh, Chambers conjures up a magic storm and locks all the doors to the hospital. Before the doors are locked a young couple and a family of five are wheeled into the ER after a crash. Nurse Denise will then be convinced of Chambers' reanimation after the fiend enters the emergency room and rips apart the family, the young couple (even though they were already ripped apart after the crash), hunk paramedics and doctors, and very pretty nurses. So bloody, so sad. Now the grouchy Nurse Denise and the two teens run for their lives as Chambers seems to want Sara for something very macabre.
Exactly what does Chambers want with the pretty Sara if not to pull her heart out? Does being a pretty nurse doom Denise to a fate of a blood-soaked white uniform? Will Walter fare any better than Lance Guest did in "Halloween 2"? This is a bloody one and even has a really pretty nurse (Amy Lalonde) who will meet a fate that will remind you of Pamela Susan Shoop's in "Halloween 2." Directed by Bob Keen, "Heartstopper" is for those of you who never got enough of "Shocker" and "Halloween 2."


  1. Uh, ho, main stream television can learn alot from your reviews, nothing beats it for enthusiasm!!

  2. Lol I bought the dvd of this years ago at some closing down sale I think I paid about two quid for it, I only watched it once & all, but remember finding it good silly fun with the FX being fairly decent to boot. Really must review & thanks for the reminder, very nice review mate. :)