Saturday, January 26, 2019

Muckman, Monster of Pennsylvania

All those TV shows on Discovery and History (throw in A&E and Syfy) that purport to search for legendary monsters...gotta love them. Perhaps one day, one of those shows will find one. They can't find Sasquatch, Nessie, ancient aliens, Hitler in Argentina, D.B. Cooper, a Yeti, or the Jersey Devil. We still watch them. Hence today's film, the low-budget 2009 epic, "Muckman" (directed by Brett Piper). Perhaps this film is a fair treatment of the aforementioned efforts, but this one has some nice appeal...a great looking cast and terrific creature effects.
Mickey O'Hara's (Steve Diasparra) TV show was proven a fraud a few years back when he tried to find the legendary Muckman. TV audiences have short memories. The producers reluctantly agree to send the team back to the Pennsylvania swamps to find the beast. The sultry, but bitchy, Asia Buchanon (A.J. Khan) will host the show which features the search. Asia always looks great in the swamp clad in high heels, tight suits, and lots of cleavage. Curly and Drew (Ian Piper and Jared Warren) are the sound and camera guy and the very pretty Pauline (Danielle Donahue) is the Asia-wannabe crew member. Oh yes, Billie (Alison Whitney) drives the RV and seems the only normal one among the group. She and the viewer roll their eyes at the same times.
Asia, in reality, is in on this second hoax. Her career was ruined with Mickey's when the first attempt ended up exposing them as frauds. Uh oh...they seem to be getting close to The Muckman as it seems to be stalking them. But wait, Billie on her own volition finds weird eggs that hatch into muckman-like creatures. But wait again! Indications are that Asia and company are faking it all over again. As Billie seems to be getting closer to the genuine creature, Asia and crew seem to be putting together another scam. Billie and Pauline are quite pretty, so for no reason, both don bikinis and have a cat-fight in a nearby river. As Billie is put in danger on many fronts, Asia and crew also are imperiled by different forces.
Is The Muckman real, and will he attack Billie or Asia? Will Asia and Billie also treat us to a cat-fight? Will Discovery pick up this show after our boys at Oak Island get thrown out of Canada? Perhaps comedic in some points, but perhaps an accurate portrayal of  how many of these cable shows are indeed put together. In a tale where the very pretty meet the slimy and hideous, "Muckman" emerges as a very entertaining and witty horror film.

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  1. The Muckman, has to be up there for great catfights and b grade movies, bravo