Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Too Beautiful to Die, Not in Italian Horror

In Giallo (Italian horror), no woman is too beautiful to die. In fact, the better looking you are, the gorier will be your demise. Slashed with razors, impaled by pipes, carved up by a maniac...yep...the perfect 10s in Italy will usually be turned into hairy blobs of strawberry ice-cream as a demented fiend humiliates them. Today we take a look at some Italian super-models behaving badly and dying horribly, 1998's "Too Beautiful to Die" (directed by Dario Piana).
A bevy of gorgeous Italian super-models find themselves rubbing each other in a hot tub. Poor Sylvia (Gioia Scola), it is about to turn ugly for her. The clean cut virgin is then gang raped in the tub by her super-model friends and a crusty old Italian politician. She runs out humiliated, no longer a virgin, and will next be seen in all her charred remains in a car at the bottom of a ditch. David is upset, the director of the provocative videos which feature the babes, liked Sylvia a lot. The models must now keep a secret as they do not want to be implicated in Sylvia's death, as an Italian pol was also in the tub.
Needing a replacement, David finds the very hot Melanie (Florence Guerin). Melanie will be perfect for the current video in which the babes don skimpy leather gladiator outfits and misbehave with blades. This carefully choreographed video hits a bump when the steamy and sweaty Leslie (Nora Ariffin) dies in an Iron Maiden torture device.  The spikes were supposed to be phony. Now afraid, the surviving babes sense they are being hunted. Michelle (Helena Jesus) will get stuck with a medieval blade thing, and David seems clueless. Oh yes, Melanie has moved in on the now deceased Leslie...she has taken over her roles and apartment.  After all, the dead Asian beauty won't need them anymore.  Melanie also begins a relationship with David and the two will have some steamy pre-marital sex.
Is Sylvia really dead? After all, her body was burned beyond recognition. How about Melanie? As Sylvia's replacement, she has moved in nicely and the murders didn't begin until her arrival? Will any of these Italian lovelies survive the blade and medieval weapon wielding maniac? This film has gratuitous super-models in hot tub scenes...gratuitous super-model pre-marital sex scenes...gratuitous super-model dance scenes...and gratuitous super-model dying horribly scenes. All the actresses are quite stunning and in true Italian fashion, a nice surprise ending awaits you in "Too Beautiful to Die."


  1. Late 80s giallo? I'm there for it with bells on thanks for the heads up Christopher & nice review as always mate, this sounds awesome. (And I've just found it you-know-where so will probably watch it after work actually! :D)

  2. I'm a horror film fan, but not to this extent of exploitation.