Saturday, February 24, 2018

Blood Dolls, A Shrunken Head and Black Leather Lingerie

Today we have a Charles Band spectacular. Fans of "The Puppetmaster" films will love 1999's "Blood Dolls." Gratuitous, loud, and not for the polite of heart, this film beckons deviates with weird fetishes...and fans of this blog. What kind of fetishes? A dominatrix clad in leather wielding a whip...if that is something your into. A sultry Asian beauty in lacy black undies in a torture device...gotta keep our Japanese businessmen happy. An all girl rock band clad in black leather, kept in a cage and electrocuted regularly to keep them singing...I swear this blog picks up more and more Japanese fans daily.
Cindy Agami (Naomi McClure) arrives at Travis' mansion sporting a sheen, slightly tight business suit. This will be an unfortunate day for the Asian vixen. After her partner's blood sprays all over her, and she is taunted by a caged all-girl band, she is stripped to her undies, put in a weird machine, tortured, and converted into an 18 inch homicidal doll, wielding daggers and clad in a Rising Sun mini-skirt. See, Travis (a hulk of a man with a shrunken head...don't ask) is upset that rival firms have successfully sued his corporation. To gain vengeance on this injustice, Travis has also converted the presiding judge and prosecutor into his homicidal dolls.  Now Travis sets his sights on his competitors.
Next up for Travis? His competitors. This will be too easy, almost too easy. His dolls go through his competition like crap through a goose, but wait! Moira (Debra Mayer), the wife of one of the competitors, is the real brain behind Travis' competition. She is a dominatrix, frequently clad in black leather, and always armed with a whip. She is smart and has crafted a sure-fire plan to turn the tables on Travis and his killer puppets. As Travis takes her bait, Moira takes charge. Now the killer dolls will be in a fair fight, and Travis will have to put aside his lust and mount a real offensive against his dominatrix foe.  As the hot girl band is tortured into singing about death and pain, our dominatrix' fiendish plan is revealed.
Just what does Moira have planned for Travis? Can the killer dolls really be kept prisoner? Will the once beautiful Cindy Agami, now a dagger wielding killing doll, have her shot at the scheming dominatrix? If this sounds like fun, it is. Unfortunately, this was the only film made by Naomi McClure, but her tortuous demise is one of the most alluring ones ever put on film. Have some fun this week-end, see Charles Band's "Blood Dolls."

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  1. Lol I swear as soon as I seen the title I thought Charles Band, will definitely check this out. Very nice review Christopher & thanks for the heads up on it.