Thursday, February 22, 2018

Crypt of the Vampire, Lesbian Vampire and the Karnsteins

Ahhh, that cursed European clan we have heard so much about in Hammer films...the Karnsteins. Vampirism and torment follow them through the centuries. But wait!  This isn't a Hammer film. Nope, this is another Italian horror film. Don't fret Hammer fans, we still have Christopher Lee and some really nubile and buxom lasses Directed by Camillo Mastrocinque, today we look at 1964's  "Crypt of the Vampire" (aka "Terror in the Crypt").
Count Ludwig Karnstein (Lee) hires Friedrick Klaus (Jose Campos) to stay at his castle and research the Karnstein volumes in his library. Ludwig is worried that his quite buxom daughter, Laura (Adriana Ambesi) is the reincarnation of a centuries old witch who has sworn vengeance on the Karnstein clan. Klaus' job is to confirm or disprove this horrifying theory. Bad news, a very beautiful Karnstein niece is drained of her blood nearby and Laura has a memory of being the culprit. Oh yes, a Satan worshiping housekeeper, Rowena (Nela Conjiu), who means well, attempts a Satanic ritual with Laura. Surprise...this doesn't go well. In fact, now it is apparent that the spirit of the witch has possessed Laura.
This is bad news for Klaus, as he has fallen in love with Laura. Meanwhile, Annette (Vera Valmont), a sulrty maid, and paramour of Ludwig spies on Laura for Ludwig. This won't end well for this blonde vixen. Oh, Ljuba (Ursula Davis) arrives mysteriously. Laura and her get close real fast. Bad news for Ljuba...Laura likes her as a friend, but the witch has a lesbian attraction to her. As the possessed Laura gets intimate with the buxom and nubile Ljuba, she bites her new love toy leaving fang marks on her neck. Now the shapely Ljuba is all into Laura. After Annette is murdered and other very gruesome killings occur, Ludwig and Klaus speed up their efforts to solve the mystery and save Laura from the curse of a centuries old evil hag.
The ending will be horrific and surprising. As the film progresses and Laura switches her affection from Klaus to Ljuba, that old Italian eroticism creeps into the story. Will Laura be saved by the apparently slow and incompetent Klaus and Ludwig?  Will Ljuba and Klaus engage in a knock down/ scratch your eyes out fight over the buxom and nubile Laura? What surprises are in store for us in this Italian vampire tale?  The actresses are quite alluring and it is always great to see Christopher Lee. Fans of Hammer films will eat this one up, just as Laura seeks to do with Ljuba. Enjoy "Crypt of the Vampire." 

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