Friday, February 2, 2018

Human Experiments, Woman Inmate Meets Mad Scientist

Ah, the best of two worlds. A deranged mad scientist in a women's prison. 1970s drive-in exploitation featuring nubile female convicts beset upon by butch-prison guards and a doctor experimenting in mind control. 1979's "Human Experiments" may seem a bit underwhelming at times, but a brutal beginning and a very icky ending will surely please B movie fans.
A sultry lounge singer, Rachel (Linda Haynes), comes across the scene of a bloody farmhouse massacre. Circumstances work against her and she is arrested and convicted for quadruple murder and given a life sentence. After being strip searched and hosed off, Rachel catches the eye of the evil mad scientist prison doctor, Hans Kline (Geoffrey Lewis). No one in their right mind believes Rachel is innocent, though she is. Hans begins experimenting on Rachel through therapy and drugs.  His goal? Turn a purely evil murderer into a mind numbed moral human drone. Oh yes, a drone who just so happens to follow his every command. Previous babes who have undergone Hans' experiments turned into animalistic fiends and were relegated to padded cells in the prison basement.
As the months progress, Rachel becomes more despondent and decides to attempt escape. But wait! Not all is as it seems. Betrayals, tarantulas, huge centipedes, and mind control drugs converge on our beautiful inmate.  Hans better be careful as he thinks Rachel is a murderer. However, just what happens when this therapy is used on a non-violent and innocent lounge singer?
Will the vulnerable and nubile Rachel be able to repel the advances of the warden and guards? What will Hans turn her into? It should be noted that Ms. Haynes also appeared in the Robert Redford prison reform film "Brubaker." Perhaps "Human Experiments" may be termed the female version of "Brubaker," but the addition of a mad scientist into the plot makes this a much more appealing film. See "Human Experiments," directed by Gregory Goodell.


  1. Geoff Lewis was always a staple of Clint Eastwood's movies. This is a different role for him. Good review.

  2. Wow I need to see this. I just watched Hills Have Eyes 77.

  3. I watched this one on cable TV a long time ago. It was an interesting movie. I need to rewatch this one sometime in the future.