Friday, February 16, 2018

Radius, Go Drop Dead!

We have all met people that seem to suck all the energy out of a room every time they open up their mouths. Take that to the extreme and we have 2017's "Radius." This is a good one filled with dozens and dozens of deaths, a myriad of plot twists, and a shocking ending.  Perhaps it is a modern day Grim Reaper tale, or a weird and lurid sci-fi offering. See, its not energy that is sucked out of a room in this new one that has just hit is life itself.
Bang! Crash! So we begin. A car wreck leaves a bloodied and battered Liam (Diego Klattenhoff) at the side of a road with amnesia. With no memory, our hunk desperately tries to flag down a car to  take him to the hospital. Uh oh...a car does come...occupied by a corpse.  As Liam continues his trek to find help he makes an ominous discovery. Anytime he gets within 50 feet of a living dies. Liam is a good soul, though an amnesiac, and this unsettles him. As half of Manitoba falls prey to this mysterious death, Liam secludes himself deep within his property, in a shed. Still with no memory, our protagonist is about to get a surprise. Another amnesiac, the sultry Jane (Charlotte Sullivan) finds her way to him. Here's the surprise...she doesn't die.
Is the torment over?  Of course not. What follows will be shocking and eventually very distressing. Some ungodly force of nature or of the cosmos (you'll see) has bound these two great looking peeps together. If they separate...well...death will return.  What caused this horror?  As the film progresses, this question doesn't seem to matter as much as what has connected Jane and Liam after the accident...and before.  As the cops hunt this pair, believing them responsible for some germ-warfare terrorism, these two desperately try to figure out who they really are and how to stop the death. Slowly their memories  return and what they'll eventually'll see.
Exactly what happened to Liam and Jane to cause this predicament?  Will they be able to stop the death that Liam emanates?  What terrifying facts will both these unfortunates remember regarding what brought them together?  The ending is...well, I won't say.  I will say a deep philosophical question will be posed, which you will ponder long after the final credits.  Directed by Caroline Labreche and Steeve Leonard, "Radius" will prove to be a horrific and quite unsettling sci-fi/horror tale.


  1. I like a movie that makes me think.

  2. Yeah you mean on Netflix US! Screw you Netflix Ireland with your utter crappy selection of films!! *rants on for another 17 hours*

    Anyway. This sounds very intriguing Christopher & nicely offbeat, so I'm definitely going to hunt this one down mate, thanks for the heads up on it.