Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Alien vs. Ninja, Japan Fights for Survival

Forget about the atomic bombs in 1945.  Forget about Godzilla, Gamera, and Mothra. Japan's most precarious moments in history occurred centuries ago when a fireball from space crashed in the woods. Kingdoms, who invaded and attacked with their armies of paid ninjas, were forced to put their differences aside as the ninjas joined forces to fight an alien invasion. Besides, those kingdoms were shredded by the aforementioned aliens. From 2010, the Japanese neoclassic "Alien vs. Ninja."
Fresh from a successful mission of carnage and mayhem a band of ninjas is given a supposedly simple assignment. Go into the woods and investigate a fireball that landed the previous night. Yamata (Masanori Mimoto) heads into the woods with his merry band of killers. There they meet another tribe of ninjas, which include the beautiful and deadly Rin (Mika Hijii). Clad in tight leather, she is constantly sexually harassed by her fellow ninjas...but she is great with a sword.  As the ninjas discuss the fireball a creature begins going through them like crap through a goose. Rin's colleagues are pulled into the ground and pureed. As ninja limbs go flying, and guts splatter on trees the surviving ninjas retreat, regroup and plan. Joining them is Nishi (Yuki Ogoe), a teenager who is the lone survivor of a beset village.
Our survivors set traps which work brilliantly but soon realize there are several aliens who capture ninjas and use them as warm places for their spawn.  More ninjas will be shredded but Rin and Yamata fight well. One alien is impressed with Rin's sultry appearance and desires sex with her. This won't end well for the alien rapist as Rin will eventually castrate it. As the surviving ninjas begin to have success against their tormentors a final confrontation is certain and now it looks like the ninjas have the edge. But wait! The aliens have surprises in store for Rin and Yamata.
Will Rin and Yamata prevail and finish off the invasion force? Do the aroused fiends have something more carnal planned for the nubile but deadly Rin? If the ninjas don't prevail, what will be the fate of Godzilla? This is an action packed horror/scifi flick blending the elements of "Alien" and "Predator." Rin is a most attractive protagonist and many of her ninja moves are quite...well...let us use the word 'alluring' again. Directed by Seiji Chiba, have fun with "Alien vs. Ninja." 


  1. Very nice review mate, I'm wondering if it's one pf those throw-in-everything-but-kitchen-sink style offerings we've had from Japan in recent years such as Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl, Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police etc. I don't dislike such films but have to be in the right humour to watch them as they tend to go a bit too off the wall for me at times. I'll definitely add this one to my watchlist though, cheers for the heads up. :)

  2. That sounds like a fun zap bang wallop movie. With human Ninjas proving the Aliens may have bitten off more than they can chew. Perhaps it takes them a while to realise. I'll look out for it on Amazon or Netflix. It will probably be there or pop up soon. :D