Tuesday, August 8, 2017

She Freak, Grotesque Carnival Tale

From our friends at Something Weird Video comes a re-imagining of Tod Browning's "Freaks." Actually, not much is re-imagined here, but this one is in color and a bit more gratuitous. 1967's "She Freak" will not surprise anyone who saw the 1932 horror classic, but if you haven't, the concept put forth is horrific and a bit taboo, even today. We're so brilliant and sensitive today that we no longer have to worry about the carnage put forth in this film...or do we?
She's beautiful and has an attitude...and not a good one. Jade (Claire Brennan) is too good for any redneck in her town and feels entitled to a better life. The sultry waitress believes she catches a break when the carnival comes to town. Ah the carnival life...travel and lots of sweaty hunks around...what woman could want anymore?  Okay, as far as ambition goes, hers is...well...limited. She gets a job waiting tables at the carnival and because she is so pretty and shapely, she is dangerous.  Her only friend is stripper, Moon (Lynn Courtney) and Moon tells her about all the eligible guys.  Jade sets her sight on Steve (Bill McKinney), who runs the freak show, but has his own car and vacations in the off-season.
Jade and Moon
While repeatedly visiting Blackie (Lee Raymond), the Ferris-wheel operator for pre-marital sex, she seduces Steve to marry her. Now Jade has cash, but is disgusted by the noble sorts who make up the freak show.  The ugly and deformed repulse her, and she waits for an opportunity to get rid of them. Moon reminds her God made them that way for a reason, but to Jade...well...ugly just isn't anything she will tolerate.  Jade continues to plot and she does it well.. Murder and intrigue follow, but when she incurs the wrath of the freaks...you'll see.
She Freak
Freaks are God's creatures. Some of them are made by God and some are made by man.  What horrific fate awaits the arrogant and cruel beauty?  Just how does man make a freak? Has the disappearance of carnival freak shows really signaled a maturing of our civilization?  This is classic Something Weird Video fare, and a very uncomfortable viewing experience.  For some neat scares, and gratuitous behavior, see "She Freak."


  1. I love Freaks. One of us! It has been a while since I have seen it. This sounds horrible yet awesome. It is always terrific when a wench gets her comeuppance! Good review, Christopher.

  2. Lol I don't think my last comment went through. Freaks scared me as a kid & it's still kinda disturbing to me as an adult. Nice review & thanks for bringing this one to my attention I'm interested to see how far they push the envelope in terms of content, considering the year. (Although The Black Klansman from 1966 is also surprising regarding certain scenes).
    Shameless boast btw- I was very lucky to meet director Frank Henenlotter from Something Weird at a horror festival & he's a lovely guy, a real gentleman. Again very nice review as always mate & thanks again for the heads up on this :)

  3. I haven't seen this film, but I am a huge fan of Fox Browning's Freaks. I will have to check this out. Great review