Monday, August 7, 2017

Die! Sitter! Die!, Another Pretty Babysitter Tormented

We all remember the plight of the perky Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's "Halloween." The prudent babysitter was put upon (...understatement, indeed!) by psycho monster-man, Michael Myers. The next decade would feature scores of slasher films in which pretty teenage sitters were tormented by insaniacs with large edged-weapons.  "Halloween" however did not have an exclamation point in the title.  Today's feature, the 26 minute short, "Die! Sitter! Die!" has three exclamation points! Laurie Strode was fortunate, she only had to fend off a standard slasher. When the title has three exclamation points...well you'll see the horror, torture, and humiliation that follows.
We instantly like Alison (Caitlyn Reilly). She's pretty, and going through a rough time. Debt is beating her. Student loans and her mom's chemotherapy treatments have her in a financial hole and very vulnerable. Seconds into the film, we the viewer realize that an ominous horror has engulfed her community. Oh no! Alison is too occupied with her seemingly helpless plight to realize that she needs to be careful.  The vulnerable beauty, needing money, too easily accepts an offer to babysit an infant.
In too much financial trouble to care, Alison accepts the gig for that same night. The horror starts immediately. As she arrives at a cavernous mansion, only seconds pass before the torture and humiliation are dished out on her.  The evil responsible is a grotesque bundle of insanity and sadism.
Alison will be bloodied, bruised, and manipulated by this ominous thing. Her chance of survival is nil. But wait! Remember Alison is desperate.  As more torture, mental anguish, and humiliation are heaped on her, Alison reaches for something deep in her soul...the will to fight back.
I'm not gonna reveal what waited for Alison in this mansion, but when you see this menace, you will be shocked.  Lee Boxleitner, who also directed this film with his brother Sam, also stars...and he is ten times more repulsive than Michael Myers.  The gore is intense, and scenes of disgusting humiliation are hard to look at, but fans of shocking horror will love "Die! Sitter! Die!" Kudos to Ms. Reilly, as her portrayal of a desperate Alison have us really praying that she will somehow prevail over the torment heaped on her. To see this shocker, click on the link below.
Die! Sitter! Die! on YouTube

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  1. Funny you reviewed this Christopher! I am doing it for 1428 this week. Great review. I really enjoyed this flick & found its approach to be unique & disturbing.