Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Blonde Savage, Beauty in the Jungle

Can a big snake tame a jungle vixen? This is the question we have all had to answer at one time in our adulthood. In 1947's "Blonde Savage" we will meet a vixen proficient with knives and blow-dart guns as she meets a square-jawed hunk who goes through dames like crap through a goose. The savagery and impulsive passion that occur when the two meet will drive you to the showers.
The sadly irrelevant Clarissa 
As our film begins Steve (Leif Erickson) is engaged in fore-play with the sultry Clarissa (Eve Whitney). Clarissa is a hypnotic babe who's every curve and revealing wardrobe slit spell erotic seduction. She will not be in the film past the first two minutes so we shall not mention her again, though in our minds, she leaves an indelible impression. Fast forward to the jungles of Kenya where Steve has been summoned by the evil diamond mine magnate Mark Harper (Douglass Dumbrille). Uh oh, Mark is married to the knock-out dame, Connie (Veda Ann Borg)...and wouldn't you know it, she and Steve are former lovers.
Now, that's a wedding picture!
Steve and his sidekick Hoppy (Frank Jenks) fly into the jungle in order to locate the tribe that is hampering Harper's diamond operation. Steve doesn't know Harper wants to wipe-out the tribe. The plane crashes and Steve and Hoppy are taken prisoner.  Fortune strikes, the tribe is led by blonde beauty Meelah (Gale Sherwood). After Meelah realizes Steve is not Harper, Steve teaches her a few words of English.  After Steve teaches her the words "Big Snake" she falls in love with him and he is able to figure out Harper killed her parents when she was a baby.  She even sings "Forga Dakum Baka" for Steve. The blonde baggage of TNT loves Steve and now her beau races back to Harper's compound to save Meelah and the tribe from annihilation. We'll see Meelah draw blood in rage in an epic final battle.
Meelah, the blonde baggage of TNT
Why did Harper kill Meelah's parents? Will Connie and Meelah engage in a steamy cat-fight? Just what is the allure of the phrase "Big Snake" to Meelah? This is a good one and blows any "Tarzan" film out of the water.  Ms. Sherwood is steamy as the scantily clad Meelah, and her attraction to Steve is animal-like, to say the least. For some steamy and gratuitous jungle adventure, see "Blonde Savage," directed by Steve Sekely.


  1. Oh my! This is the type of B movie schlock Dr. Shock would have had on when I was growing up on WPHL in Philly. Big Snake. Um, is that a really bad pickup line? Hoppy? That has got to be the worst nickname ever. Good review, Christopher!

  2. She is indeed EXTREMELY CURVY!!!
    Sweet little Film that oozes Sex and Madness!!!
    Thanks man. Alawys appreciate your shit A LOT!!!