Saturday, August 26, 2017

Demon Wind, Demons vs.Idiots

1990's "Demon Wind" is an ambitious, loud, and crazy horror film. This film has borrowed from the best; "The Evil Dead," "Prince of Darkness," "Demons," "Night of the Demons," and many more. The plot is basic and riddled with holes but if you like zombies spurting yellow blood, decapitations, possessions, and a skeleton's tongues grabbing babes...well, this is your film. So next movie night, if someone suggests "The King's Speech," just overrule him and say, "No! Tonight we see 'Demon Wind'."
Cory and two soon to be dead friends
Cory (Eric Larson) has a lot of great looking friends. Too bad, they all will die horrible demonic deaths because he can't come up with a decent plan. Briefly...after visiting his drunk lunatic dad, Cory decides to travel to the farmhouse his grandparents met their demise. In 1929, his witch grandmother and grandfather were killed by demons and an exploding snow-globe (don't ask). Now Cory brings his sultry GF Elaine (Francine Lapensee) and, what ends up being, eight of his closest friends to the ruins of this farmhouse. Despite the obligatory warning from the gas-station attendant "You're all gonna die," a warning which should never be ignored, the army proceeds onward.  Once there, the very perky Bonnie (Sherry Leigh) is the first to go as three demon children suck her life-force into a mutant baby-doll.  Despite her great looks, no one seems to mind that Bonnie is no longer among the living.
It gets worse. Cory still doesn't have a plan. His magician friends (Stephen Quadros and Jack Vogel) get taken over by demons and Reena (Mia Ruiz) is grabbed by a skeleton's tongue only to have her head pulled into its jaws and chewed upon like a stick of gum (That's how I want to go). As Cory's friends die horrible deaths we hold our breath hoping the pretty Elaine will somehow survive.  Finally a plan! Cory is in touch with the spirit of his grandmother who hints at a way to conquer the demon horde. Can Cory execute this new plan of his or is he allergic to plans and strategy?
Carnage and gore flow out of every pore of "Demon Wind." The fact that Cory had so many friends only insured that the death count would be high. Perhaps a standard plot for a film about demons but this one never has a lull.  Written and directed by Charles Philip Moore, "Demon Wind" would have made John Carpenter proud.  Instead of the current superhero film, get yourself back into Rated R cinema and enjoy "Demon Wind."


  1. Saw this in the 90s. It was a hot mess. I imagine if I saw it again I might be able to laugh at the gaping plot holes. Good review!

  2. Lol, saw this a few years ago and thought it was hilariously bad. Oh, the plot holes! Nice review, dude :)