Sunday, August 6, 2017

Samurai Princess, When Beauty Dissects Her Enemies

What can be more peaceful to a soul than being ushered into Heaven with all your sins erased to sit with Buddha? How about turning into a devil and tracking down those responsible for your torture and humiliation and then tearing out their internal organs? Now that would give a meeting with Buddha a run for its money! Thus is the plight of a beautiful Japanese lady in 2009's "Samurai Princess."
Aino Kishi plays the title role. Before she is the Samurai Princess, she and ten of her beautiful friends are attacked, tortured, humiliated, raped, and cut into little pieces by a murderous gang of Mechas. What is a Mecha? Half human, half machine. Mechas grow appendages that tend to have lots of blades and rotors and rip through human flesh.  A mad scientist finds the pile of body parts that used to be 11 stunning damsels. Surprise! One is still alive...though in several pieces. The survivor is asked if she wants her soul cleansed so she can be with Buddha. No way! Why sit in Heaven when you can become a Mecha and track down those responsible for your dissection?
Hence, the Samurai Princess is created,,,infused with the body parts and souls of the 11 murdered ladies. The princess begins her hunt and absolutely annihilates those responsible for the aforementioned travesty. The violators are easy to find, they have really shall I say it...let's just say they have large Sonny Chibas protruding from their groins. Our Princess has a more ambitious goal than just the Mechas with big Sonny Chibas...her ultimate goal is to puree the mad scientist who creates Mechas. Getting to him will not be easy, as he has crafted a monster Mecha ten times deadlier than any he has created before to guard him.

Does a being infused with the souls of 11 women need blades and rotors to be a nightmare for any man? Is "Samurai Princess" a metaphor for Japan's patriarchal mistreatment of the feminine spirit? Is Samurai Princess' ability to shred the Sonny Chibas of male Mechas a symbol for a simmering rage hidden inside Japanese women? Gory and blood splattered, "Samurai Princess" is unrelenting in the carnage it throws at you. Whether an important piece of social commentary for Japan, or a good old fashioned gore-fest, enjoy "Samurai Princess" however you wish.


  1. Good review as usual, Christopher. I have noticed Asian horror is predominantly torture porn in nature. I tend to like it better than giallo. This sounds like something that needs to be seen.

  2. This one sounds like my kettle of Yunnan tea! No one does gratuitous tons of bloody gore combined with scantily-dresssed, beautiful women better than Japanese filmamkers!

  3. Great review & this sounds similar in style anyway to the likes of Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police or Frankenstein Girl vs Vampire Girl, all which actually came out around the same time or within a year of each other & one wonders if it's a new sub genre lol. Added to m,y every increasing watchlist & very nice review again. :)