Monday, January 2, 2017

Night Shadow, Werewolf Eats Fresno

Okay, 1989's "Night Shadow" has many flaws, but we must remember, there is beauty in the swamp if we look in the right places.  As underwhelming as this film is, horror fans can still find much to like about this work. True...our stunning leading lady, Brenda Vance, looks great, but has no real bearing on the plot.  True...our hunk leading man, Stuart Quan, may be a Kung Fu maven, but he is weirdly clad in a sports bra (don't ask).  Oh yes, let us not forget about Kato Kaelin!  "Night Shadow" may be his best film, though he does get impaled 30 minutes before the ending.
KLOF-TV's Alex Jung (Vance) drives out of L.A. to get some R and R in her hometown, Fresno.  Uh oh, following her is a mysterious drifter (Rick Scott), who is also a werewolf.  Why?  Perhaps because Alex is the reincarnation of a centuries old weird priestess who our lycan is destined to take as his bride.  Or maybe not.  Doesn't matter.  Our werewolf/drifter goes right to work tearing apart many Fresno residents.  Alex seems drawn to him, but she is also drawn to her old beau, the town sheriff (Tom Boylan).  Oh yes, Fresno's version of Bruce Lee, Tai (Quan) is Alex' brother. Hopefully his Kung Fu will be just as effective as a silver bullet.
As the body parts pile up, Alex and the sheriff slowly rekindle their romance.  Meanwhile, Tai discovers the werewolf's lair as his buddies are discombobulated by the creature, including Kato Kaelin.  Our creature appears to be drawing closer to Alex and our sheriff seems unable to figure out his suspect is a monster.  Tai, clad in a sports bra and jeans (don't ask), takes apart a motorcycle gang and an evil deputy on his way to a final conflict with the lycanthrope. Meanwhile, Alex dresses in some very alluring info-babe outfits, spills coffee on her blouse, and flirts with an overworked sheriff. I guess she busted the glass ceiling.
Will Alex get in the way of her brother's efforts to destroy the monster?  Will our monster and ancient prophecy hinder Alex' romance with the sheriff (we've all been there)?  If "Night Shadow" is remade in 2017, will Kato Kaelin be cast as Fresno's mayor?  Lots of faults, no doubt, but "Night Shadow" is an entertaining film.  Instead of paying almost a hundred bucks to bring the whole family to see "Collateral Beauty," enjoy this horror film on YouTube.

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