Monday, January 16, 2017

Spaceship Terror, Maniac Cannibal Butcher vs. Sweaty Space Babes

Ahhh! Nothing like the horror/scifi/exploitation sub-genre in film.  We have to give 2011's "Spaceship Terror" creator, Harry Tchinski, a lot of credit.  Not only does he place six space babes on a cavernous space ship, but he also turns the temperature up to 115 degrees so the lovelies will have to strip to their undies while being hunted by a cannibal fiend. The nubile and sweaty beauties of "Spaceship Terror" will be in for fates worse than death.
A spaceship carrying five babes and their captain (Stephen Lestat) crash lands on a remote planet. Uh oh, the rescue ship lands and the six take refuge on it.  Immediately, the captain is skewered and drilled, to the horror of the women.  Laura (Kristen Springer) seems to be in command now.  The ladies find Chris (Emma Lee Nguyen), another space babe, on the ship.  Chris is half insane and claims she has been prisoner on the ship for two years.  The doors lock and the Terror takes off. Chris has more bad news.  It seems a butcher/cannibal maniac (Jay Wesley Cochran) likes to hunt women.
The games start.  One of the babes, Annie (Ronda Olshefski) is taken.  Her fate is too horrific to be put into words, but we can say she would have been better off dead.  As Laura pumps Chris for more intel on their tormentor, the ladies develop a plan to fight back.  In executing this plan more of the damsels will be subject to unimaginable torture, rape, humiliation, cannibalism, and mutilation...all while still alive.  As Mia (Yulia Hencheroff) is decapitated and quartered, the half insane Chris tries to help her new friends.  Alas, our maniac stays one step ahead of his prey and keeps them unhinged by letting them see what he does to the ones he captures.  Kelly (Jenny Lin) will suffer a double humiliating death, which will not be fast.
 Will any of our damsels survive?  Is "Spaceship Terror" a horrific metaphor of the sexual harassment that permeates NASA?  In addition to fending off a monster, will the space babes seize the opportunity to engage in some spirited cat-fights?  "Spaceship Terror" will probably be the goriest film you see in 2017.  Scantily clad and sweaty damsels, a monster slasher, and some tortuous and elongated death scenes make "Spaceship Terror" the best horror/exploitation film to hit DVD in several years.

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  1. I simply have to watch this movie. I salivate at the very prospect. Thank you my friend, for placing so many delights in my plain view. Love to read your reviews.