Friday, January 20, 2017

Grizzly 2: The Concert, Bear Monster vs. Valley Girl

Children of the 80s (especially teenage boys) fell in love with Deborah Foreman after she starred in "Valley Girl." Even Siskel and Ebert were drooling when showing a clip of that film in which Ms. Foreman was wearing a bikini. But wait!  How many of you know that this valley girl had another film hit the silver screen in 1983? Any guesses?  Here's a hint...this movie introduced Laura Dern and George Clooney.  Yep..."Grizzly 2: The Concert." No teenage drama here, but lots of limbs flying, faces clawed, and dismemberment highlight this horror film. Don't get too excited about Dern and Clooney, they are dissected (as is their pal Charlie Sheen) and eaten by the grizzly just after Ms. Dern does a striptease to Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean.'
Laura Dern begins her striptease
A grizzly rips apart George Clooney, Laura Dern, Charlie Sheen, two babe campers, a poacher, and a ranger. The mayor of the mountainside community (Louise Fletcher) refuses to admit a killer mammal is loose, as a big concert is planned which will bring in lots of revenue.  The head ranger, Nick (Steve Inwood), assembles more rangers and hunters to kill this boating accident.  His main squeeze, the annoying scientist Sam (Deborah Raffin) insists they not kill the creature but tranquilize it instead...will genius never cease?  Also in on the fun are some redneck poachers and a Quint like hunter, Bouchard (John Rhys-Davies).  As more fall to the bear, the huge rock concert is underway.
Deborah Raffin, Bear activist 
Okay, Chrissy (Foreman).  She is Nick's love-struck daughter.  The sweet and very cute girl is hired as a gofer by the concert promoter and spends a lot of time drooling over rock musicians and looking very sweet and cute.  As Sam and Bouchard spar over the proper way to neutralize this furry threat, Chrissy keeps looking sweet and cute. Alas, the crazed beast heads toward the concert where Barbie Wilde and her robotic girl band perform and Chrissy keeps doing sweet and cute things.  Will the poachers, the posse, Sam, and Bouchard be able to stop the fiend before it crashes the concert? Will the very sweet and cute Deborah Foreman survive the claws of the devil bear?
Barbie Wilde performs
You might be asking yourself 'how did I miss  this one?'  Filmed in Hungary in 1983, the film makers did not pay their bills to Hungarian vendors, hence all footage was seized by that government. For almost 25 years this film was a mere rumor until it mysteriously showed up on the internet in '07. This info courtesy of IMDB. Gore, cheesiness and some very entertaining (debatable) music ensue.  Take heart you George Clooney fans, "Grizzly 2" is a much better film than "Solaris."  Ice cream sundae fans will love the sweetness and cuteness of Deborah Foreman.  Enjoy, and feel free to hunt down CDs of Barbie Wilde's robotic techno all-girl band.

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