Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Dead Pit, Lunatic Zombies worshiping Brains

Mad scientists!  Insane asylums!  A sultry heroine in skimpy underwear!  Zombies searching for brains!  Do I really need to say more?  Oh yes, a special-ops hero with a British accent.  1989's "The Dead Pit," directed by Brett Leonard, is our feature today. There will also be shapely nurses, clad in white (none of them will fare well).  Demolitions, hordes of zombies, satanic motives, and more lunatics cap off this orgy of gore. Yes, it is a Merry Christmas season!
20 years ago Dr. Ramzi (Danny Gochnauer) conducted experiments on patients at his lunatic bin.  He would lobotomize them, cut open their skulls, and stick pins in their brains.  So repulsed at Ramzi's doings, Dr. Swan (Jeremy Slate) goes into the basement lab of horrors and puts a bullet in the mad scientist's brain.  He then seals up the basement with Ramzi's corpse and his patients still down there. This wing of the hospital is then closed down and boarded up.  Present day, a Jane Doe (Cheryl Lawson) is brought to the asylum with amnesia.  She has no idea who she is.  Jane will spend most of the film in thin underwear while running around and being restrained by nurses.
Uh earthquake!  The basement seal is broken and Ramzi is back, with his minions.  His minions are the lunatics, but now the crazies love to crack open skulls and pull out the brains of their victims.  Jane makes two friends;  The beautiful Nurse Robbins (Mara Everett) and Christian (Stephen Gregory Foster).  Don't get too attached to the shapely Nurse Robbins, as she will have part of her skull torn off and become a brain -craving zombie.  Christian is a special-ops guy (don't ask). As the lunatics invade the other wings of the hospital, we'll see lots of skulls ripped open and more nurses and orderlies ripped apart.  As Christian and Jane team up, Dr. Swan realizes that Dr. Ramzi is back for revenge.  Now Christian has a very ambitious plan to end the evil onslaught and Jane will run around some more in thin undies.
What does Dr. Ramzi have in store for Dr. Swan?  Who exactly is our Jane Doe, and is her arrival at the asylum at the time of the quake purely coincidental?  Can human blood be cleaned out of those nice white nurse uniforms?  Bloody to the max and the weak of stomach will turn their eyes a lot while watching this film.  If you were forced to go to the cinema and watch "Manchester by the Sea" or "Collateral Beauty" this holiday season, "The Dead Pit" may be just the film you need.

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