Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Rezort, The After-Party of the Apocalypse

As the latest season of "The Walking Dead" on AMC disappoints, in ratings and action, we all wonder if the zombie sub-genre of horror needs a hiatus.  Have film makers run out of good ideas for these films?  Are we at the point where nothing about the living dead can shock us?  Perhaps.  On a less intellectual level, today we look at 2015's "The Rezort."  Directed by Steve Barker, this film (appearing now on Netflix) may not change the minds of critics of modern zombie films, but in all fairness, this flick does a lot that is refreshing.  The strength of this film is that it is unapologetic about being an action film, maybe resembling a video game.  "The Rezort" eschews all temptation to fill up the 90 minutes with a soap opera drama.
The war is over. Human casualties numbered two-billion.  Relatively cheap outcome for a zombie apocalypse.  The war on zombies, like all wars, left it's share of scars.  Hence The Rezort!  A remote island where survivors can go and continue killing the living dead. The virus dissipated, but our island has a cache of thousands of zombies.  In a very controlled wilderness environment, hunters converge on this paradise to have guided safaris (...zafaris, actually) in pursuit of the formerly us. Melanie (Jessica De Gouw), struggling to come to terms of the loss of her dad arrives here with her fiance Lewis (Martin McCann).
The Rezort, run by the mysterious billionaire philanthropist Wilton (Clair Goose) is a Fantasy Island type setting.  Five-star amenities and guided hunts.  Uh oh, the lovely Sadie (Elen Rhys) sabotages the island's computers and now all locks are opened, all fences are down, and a handful of hunters must now engage in a fair fight against thousands of fiends.  The main resort is overrun in no time, but our handful of hunters, led by the mysterious Archer (Dougray Scott) attempt to make their way to safety.  Racing against a doomsday clock (you'll see), our group shrinks in number.  Uh oh, in their quest to safety, Archer, Melanie, and a handful of survivors discover some horrific truths about The Rezort.
Why did Sadie sabotage The Rezort?  What are the real motivations of Wilton and The Rezort?  Is the zombie outbreak really confined to this remote island?  Even those who detest this film,will love the cast of tens of thousands type ending.  For some mindless (after all, it is a zombie film) fun. catch "The Rezort"..or be a wuss and let your spouse drag you to "La La Land.".

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  1. Enjoyed this movie, felt it was more inspired by Jurassic Park than a tired retread of past Zombie movies, which gave it a fresh perspective.