Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Vampire and the Ballerina, Erotic and Alluring Horror

Erotic and dark are two adjectives that best describe 1960's Italian horror film, "The Vampire and the Ballerina."  Quirky is also a fitting descriptor.  For example, when a troupe of sultry ballerinas find out a vampire is stalking them, they quickly put together an improv routine high on eroticism and ominousness which features the helpless damsels put upon by a dark force.  What initially seems like a standard Dracula-theme plot, quickly takes a turn to add some neat mystery to the story.  Heavy on beautiful, buxom damsels, and maybe a couple of shapely vampires, "The Vampire and the Ballerina," gratuitous and horrific, is a neat take on the vampire legend.
Our beautiful damsels arrive at an inn in a town where local babes have been bitten by a vampire. On their first night, the lovely Brigitte is bitten and turned by a grotesque bloodsucker. The next evening finds Luisa (Helene Remy), her BFF Francesca (Tina Gloriani), and Francesca's fiance, Luca (Isarco Ravaloli) lost and finding refuge in an old castle.  They are greeted by the sultry Countess (Brigitte Castor) and her apparent servant, Herman (Walter Brandi).  When Luisa gets lost in the hallways, she is preyed upon and bitten by that grotesque vampire.  The trio flee the castle, but now Luisa is under the spell of that vampire.
Suspecting that the Countess is...well...maybe a vampire, Francesca tries to warn the other gals about her.  Knowing Francesca is on to them, the Countess, who may be a vampire, Herman, who may be a vampire, and that grotesque vampire set their sights...and fangs on the fair Francesca.  Her tormentors have an ally, the beautiful spellbound Luisa also plots Francesca's demise.  Just who exactly are the vampires, and what do they have in mind?  Are their some spirited cat-fights in store for us in this film?
Heavy on gratuitous and erotic dance scenes, this film highlights some very beautiful actresses...and perhaps a hot vampire or two.  Ballet fans may be a bit disappointed as our troupe more resembles a collection of dance hall damsels than the cast of "Swan Lake."  With a few twists to the standard vampire film plot, "The Vampire and the Ballerina" is a terrific and atmospheric film which can be found on YouTube.

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