Thursday, September 8, 2016

Roboshark, Alien Shark vs. Bill Gates

....the shark wins. Yep, halfway through this Syfy masterpiece, our antagonist devours Bill Gates. Actually, it's more of a shark vs. Seattle story. For fans of Syfy films like "Sharknado," this one is for you. Fans of Apple products will revel in Mr. Gates' demise, while Microsoft stockholders will cringe. Either way, a story of an alien shark pursued by a TV info-babe using Twitter is a story who's time has come.  From 2015, Syfy's "Roboshark."
An alien probe lands in the Pacific and is immediately swallowed by a Great White.  The probe instantly turns this perfect eating machine into a robot shark.  Our monster then takes out a US Navy nuclear sub (these subs never fare well in Syfy films). Nex stop?  Seattle. No not the coast or the sound....downtown Seattle!  The thing busts into a sewage pipe and swims inland.  First stop....Starbucks. After eating several customers, our fiend moves on.  Surviving at the coffee shop is Trish (Alexis Peterman), the very pretty Channel 55 info-babe and her crew.  She has dreamed of the perfect story to  move her to Channel 55's star reporterette from the wacky weather girl she is now.  Uh oh...the sultry, but evil Veronica (Laura Dale) is sent by Channel 55 to replace Trish on this story of a lifetime (you can guess Veronica's eventual fate).
As our shark tears up a popular Seattle mall, using it as a buffet  line, Trish, her cameraman Louie (Isaac Haig) and Trish's 15 year old daughter Melody (Vanessa Grasse) head there. Melody is adept at social media and attracts the shark through Twitter.  Staying one step ahead of the US Navy, who is hunting the beast, Trish gets some raw footage, frustrating the b@$#&y Veronica. As Melody begins communicating with the roboshark on Twitter, our trio learn of it's real intentions.
Just what are Roboshark's true intentions for Seattle? What ultimate carnage is waiting for the sultry but evil Veronica? Fighter bombers, The Space Needle, explosions, shark eating sailor carnage, and social media traffic all play into a fiery conclusion to this film.  The acting is terrific in this monster extravaganza which never takes itself too seriously.  Directed by Jeffery Lando, "Roboshark" is perfect for fans of the Syfy Channel, and is available on Netflix.

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