Thursday, September 22, 2016

Embrace of the Vampire, The Alyssa Milano Version

A few years ago this blog brought you the remake of 1995's "Embrace of the Vampire." Click on this link to see that review EMBRACE  . While the erotic remake seems to be aimed at fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," the original resembles a Gothic romance story with a vampire. Critics of the remake will quickly remind us that the original does have Alyssa Milano, often nude, to boast of. Fair enough. The more feminine version is directed by Anne Goursand.
Charlotte (Milano) raised by nuns, and a devout Catholic, is a virgin and always wears white.  Actually, when she wears clothes, they are white, but in this film, that is sporadic. Oh no...she just happened to remind a centuries old vampire (Martin Kemp) of his long lost love.  Our vampire was a French nobleman until three vampire nymphs had their way with him.  Lucky him, he has found his true love on a college campus in the form of a 17 year old virgin.  Now, don't ask why, our bloodsucker has three days to bite her or risks losing her forever. As the vampire begins playing with Charlotte's mind, she begins to have weird visions and seems drawn to her nemesis.
As Charlotte's hunk BF, Chris (Harrison Pruett), realizes he is losing his virginal coed, the vampire seems a sure bet to end up with her.  Leaving nothing to chance, the vampire unleashes doubt in both their minds about their love, and also Marika (Jennifer Tilly), to seduce Chris.  The vampire begins attacking Charlotte's classmates, including the trashy Eliza (Jordan Ladd).  Uh oh....Charlotte begins to explore alternate sexual norms, including a lesbian tryst with Sarah (Charlotte Lewis). With time running out, the vampire must make his move. Has Chris been sufficiently distracted?
Nudity galore, orgies, some gore, and some underage romance highlight this tale of the pursuit of pre-marital sex with Alyssa Milano.  A bit different than the remake, the original "Embrace of the Vampire" is still a nice vampire story.  Available on YouTube, treat yourself to an atmospheric, erotic horror/fantasy.

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