Sunday, September 18, 2016

ARQ, Time Loop got you Down?

Yogi Berra informed us that this was Deja Vu all over again. Like Yogi Berra, films about time loops can be both interesting and annoying.  In this Netflix original film, "ARQ" the Yankee Hall of Famer's maxim will be tested.  Written and directed by Tony Elliott, this terse scifi tale will exercise our minds and leave us trusting no one.
Evil globalist corporation TORUS has destroyed and conquered the world.  Renton (Robbie Amell) designed the ARQ for them.  Uh oh, Renton realizes that TORUS is evil and runs away with his creation.  Double uh oh....the ARQ is able to loop time, which initially comes as a surprise to Renton. The good news for Renton, and there isn't much, time is doing a three hour loop which begins with him waking up to his old GF, Hannah (Rachael Taylor).  The good news ends here. Shortly after waking next to this beautiful woman the home invasion occurs.
The invaders? They may be The ill equipped group of rebels bent on stopping TORUS. Or maybe they are someone else.  Advantage Renton, as he remembers the past loops and can correct his mistakes every three hours.  The learning curve for Renton is a steep one, and some of the revelations he uncovers will be painful.  Man should not be alone and eventually Hannah begins remembering. Now our duo seeks to turn the table on the evil forces.  As the loops continue, Hannah and Renton will have some difficult decisions to make which could have fatal consequences.
Ms. Taylor and Mr. Amell are fantastic, and we pray that neither one of them ends up being a villain. In these types of tales with so many twists, this is always a possibility.  The story is fast paced and contains a deep and ominous ending.  Kudos to Netflix for creating a rather good science fiction tale.

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