Saturday, September 24, 2016

JeruZalem, Google meets The End Times

JeruZalem....not Jerusalem.  Stick a Z in it. That's right...Z as in DEMONS. Wait, sorry...Z as in ZOMBIES. Throw in a couple of Jewish babes more interested in pre-marital sex in the Holy Land than their heritage, a hunk anthropologist, bar-hopping, and Google glasses...and we have the newest Holy Land zombie flick. So...let us take a look at why Google glasses are in reality the mark of the beast by examining 2015's "JeruZalem," directed by Doron and Yoav Paz.
Sarah, our nympho protagonist
After losing her brother in an accident, Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) heads to Tel Aviv. Accompanying her is her BFF Rachel (Rachel Klein). Uh oh....rule number 7 in horror not deviate from original plans, is violated.  The gals meet a handsome young Indiana Jones wannabe, Kevin (Yon Tumarkin), who convinces them to accompany him to Jerusalem.  Bad timing! All goes well at first as Sarah and Kevin have pre-marital sex and lots of bar hopping ensues.  Oh yes, we see this all unfold through Sarah's new Google glasses.  Omar (Tom Graziani), a dashing Muslim joins the party, his last mistake.  As Yom Kippur approaches, so does the zombie apocalypse.
Rachel in peril
Amid unholy behavior in Jerusalem, it begins.  Demons appear in the form of dead people coming back to life.  The Israeli Defense Force, utilizing soldiers and fighter jets attempts to repel them. Now Sarah, Rachel, and Kevin are on the run trying to flee the city. Kevin foresaw this, but no one believed him. In fact, our hunk was deposited in a mental asylum for his grim prophecy. As Sarah rescues her beau from the Kosher nut house, Jerusalem seems to be falling.  No more spoilers, but get ready for the wildest Google glasses scene one could ever imagine.
Rachel in more peril
Can our trio escape the apocalypse? Is a biblical apocalypse merely an exaggerated plot device designed to warn us of the evils of pre-marital sex? Wild and ambitious, and probably not totally biblically accurate, "JeruZalem" is a lot of fun.  Filmed in Israel with stunning scenes of Jerusalem, this is a very interesting horror film (infinitely better than "World War Z" or "Left Behind") with consequences of biblical proportion.  "JeruZalem" is available on Netflix.

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