Sunday, September 4, 2016

BB, Alienation, Desperation, Fear....

...after fear, what is the next word?  You'll see. In 2016's "BB," CJ Wallis takes us on a voyage which has the feel of a downward spiral.  From the outset, we sense carnage heading our way.  Acute characters who are so familiar to us, ushered along by horrific circumstances, and highlighted by heavy, ominous music make our feature today. A whole article could be written about the Mother Marygold music which permeates "BB," suffice to say it will carry you through one horrific ordeal. Besides, it's time for a new purple haired beauty, as Lt. Gay Ellis (UFO) from the early 1970s was our last one.
Leah (Jennifer Mae) and Alina (Victoria Fox) are torrid lovers.  Leah's tattoos are her lover's creation, and she would do anything for her Hungarian beauty.  To do that, Leah gets a job as a cam-girl, fulfilling the fantasies of weird men over her computer.  Our lesbian protagonist is sensational at turning men on, and the dinero pours in. Uh oh....a converging story.  Hal (Kristian Hanson), recently discharged from the army after losing an eye in Afghanistan is one of Leah's customers.  Exuding an unstable psyche, Hal tells us that Candy, Leah's camera name, must be his.  He knows that Candy loves him and when they meet....well...she'll be his.
We see a lot of passionate lesbian sex, and some spirited performances by Candy. Yep, this horror tale is quite erotic.  As we hear more from Hal, his sanity flies out the window, and his obsession with Candy starts resembling a doberman's attraction to a lamb chop. If that's not lurid enough, Leah's relationship with Alina plunges into the depths of drugs, cheating, and emotional unavailability. Hal devolves into a wrecking ball headed straight to his sexual obsession.  Though flawed, we like Leah a lot and pray that somehow she will survive her unseen nemesis.
Will Leah prevail? Just what does Hal have planned for Leah? Can a downward spiral be broken? The performances are wonderful, and Ms. Mae excels as a fantasy girl and a passionate lover. CJ Wallis, who wrote and directed "BB" will no doubt rake in awards at film festivals in 2017. To download BB and its amazing soundtrack, click on this link BB Movie .

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