Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Necrofobia, Beware the Dead

When the dead return,  not much can go well.  When the dead return, every stable part of our existence is compromised....romance, finances, social life, and as we find out in 2014's "Necrofobia," our sanity.  Our dearly departed do change after they assume room temperature. They attract flies, lose their sense of humor, and become quite needy.  If you suffer from Necrophobia (the fear of the dead), the return of the dead can have exaggerated effects. Made in Argentina, this Daniel de la Vega film will remind the viewer of works by Lucio Fulci or Mario Bava.
Dante (Luis Machin), a tailor, has just lost his twin brother, Tomas.  Tomas committed suicide, which came as a great shock to Dante, as Dante suffers from Necrophobia.  Attending the funeral appears to have been too much for the fragile Dante.  Dante's wife has just left him.  The sultry Beatriz (Julieta Cardinali) advised Dante that she feared he would also commit suicide.  As Dante sinks into paranoid madness, he is convinced Beatriz has another man.  Dante starts seeing a dark figure in a black cloak loitering around his shop.  He also receives a weird phone call stating Beatriz is with another man.  Dante suspects his psychologist, Nicolas (Raul Taibo) is the secret lover.  Uh oh again, Beatriz is stabbed to death with a tailor's scissors.
With a dead beauty, Detective Roca (Viviana Saccone) suspects Dante.  Dante suspects everyone else, including the dark figure that has entered his life.  Is Dante's sanity gone when he then believes the figure may be his deceased brother?  The scissor murders continue and Roca is bent on proving Dante the murderer.  Could Dante be right?  Has Tomas returned from the grave?  If so, why?
This film gets quite gory with lots of scissor and hacksaw carnage.  Beautiful women, in this film, fare about as well as they do in Bava or Fulci films.  Will this spell doom for the statuesque Detective Roca? The squeamish among us will turn their heads a few times during the last twenty minutes. For a gory, thought provoking horror film from Argentina, check out "Necrfobia" which is available on Netflix.

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