Wednesday, June 22, 2016

White Slave, The Blonde Babe vs. The Headhunters

Before the Olympics commence this summer in Rio, the International Olympic Committee will subject the athletes of the world to sexual harassment training.  The IOC will also supply the athletes with 45,000 condoms.  Whether these two facts are related is anyone's guess. We can figure lots of pre-marital sex will occur in the Olympic village in the spirit of international understanding.  If the IOC were smart, their harassment training would include the screening of the 1985 classic "White Slave" (aka "Amazonian" or "L' Esclave Blonde").  This Italian exploitation film, set up the Amazon in Brazil spells out what will happen to the guilty parties in a sexual encounter: The man will have his face bitten off by insects and the woman will be sent into raging rapids sans paddle.
This is the Catherine Miles Armstrong (Elvire Audray) story. Cathy, an English babe, is taken prisoner by headhunters during a boat ride up the Amazon.  The fiends decapitate her parents and hold the heads as trophies, much to the consternation of the lovely Cathy. Our protagonist is spared because Umukai (Will Gonzales) is sweet on her.  As prisoner, the shapely Cathy will endure torture and humiliation by the men of Umukai's tribe and be raped and humiliated by the tribe's women. With  nowhere to go, the alluring Cathy is given free reign of the village, but no clothes.  The nude Cathy is now the object of desire of most of the men in the tribe, but Umukai wins out, killing the other finalist.
Despite Umukai's victory, the vulnerable Cathy cannot stomach him as Umukai is the one who beheaded her parents (I guess she never had cultural diversity training in England). The more she prances around naked, the more intense Cathy's desire to avenge her parents death grows. As our very tanned heroine begins to fall in love with the savage hunk, her plans for revenge are complicated.  Will the increasing amorous Cathy allow Umukai to have pre-marital sex with her?  What of her plans of vengeance?
This endearing love story is delivered simultaneous to lots of jungle carnage and gore.  Cannibalism, gators eating limbs, more decapitations, the eating of tree slugs (yuck!), spears and arrows into eyeballs, and more decapitations keep our love story a bit spicy. So as the world's best athletes seek to avoid STDs and sexual harassment in Rio this summer, perhaps a viewing of "White Slave" (available on YouTube as "Amazonia") will also help them be culturally sensitive to the head hunters of the Brazil Amazon.

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