Friday, June 10, 2016

On the Brain, Women, Watch Out!!!!

What's on your mind? Grocery shopping? Office politics? School? ....or perhaps a menacing parasite that causes homicidal behavior!  In "On the Brain" (available on DVD on July 12th), it's the latter.  In true icky fashion, the worm like parasites are literally all in peoples' heads. In a classic horror movie theme, the big time cop, who leaves the big city to take over the chief (or sheriff) job in a small, peaceful town, finds blood, guts, mayhem, and horror.  This career move has the same consequences as teens having pre-marital sex.  Part medical thriller, part zombie flick, and all horror, "On the Brain" is a quirky and ominous tale.  Though the social commentary is there for anyone to uncover, this film works at delivering the scares with some neat characters.
Sheriff Kelly (Danny Hansen) is new in town.  Hired by a domineering Mayor (Sharon Frederickson) who always reminds our protagonist that she is in charge.  Somewhat neutered by the mayor, Kelly is ill equipped to deal with the carnage that is ready to rain all around him.  A few minutes into our film, it begins....and then keeps going.  Men of this small town are turning into ghoulish monsters and pummeling women to death.  Fortunately for Kelly, his GF is the town doctor, the very pretty Mariama (Shenik Taylor).  As more and more men turn into fiends, and more and more women assume room temperature, Mariama starts putting two and two together,  Uh oh....the answers she comes up with are hardly comforting.
Mariama has to work fast, as being a female in this small town isn't carrying much of a future. Her findings are putting her into a collision course with the mayor.  Uh oh...the mayor believes her new sheriff, Kelly, brought something evil with him from wherever he came.  However noble Sheriff Kelly is, he is a male, and all men are pigs!  No wait, what I meant to say is that all the men in town are susceptible to turning into zombie-like killers. From a male perspective (...we need to be fair), women don't exactly make life easy for us men, and when a former flame, Anne (Amy Waller), shows up to claim her dead husband, Kelly's job becomes more difficult.  Once scorned, Anne is on the warpath, and Mariama is a bit jealous.  Is Mariama a good enough doctor to figure out what is going on, and stop it?  Is the sheriff man enough to fight off whatever has infected all the other men?
Incredibly fast paced, as bodies pile up in gory fashion, "On the Brain"  doesn't let up.  We do get the sense that our sheriff and his pretty doctor friend are in a race against against a speedy clock. To order the DVD for this film, click on this link DVD or to find out more on Facebook, click on this link Facebook .  So whether you believe all men are indeed ghoulish pigs, or you believe that women complicate any situation they interfere in, "On the Brain" (skillfully directed by Kevin Van Stevenson) has something for you.

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