Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Starship Invasions, This Dwarfs Star Wars

In 1977 "Star Wars" hit the movie screens.  Hammer favorite Peter Cushing had landed an important role in this over-rated, preachy epic.  Not to be out done, another Hammer icon, Christopher Lee would land a role in the classic scifi film, "Starship Invasions."  With cheesy space battles, beautiful space babes (Star Wars had none of these), scenes of a bloody apocalypse, and more space babes, "Starship Invasions" delivers an enjoyable film without the corny marketing and arrogant fan base.
Okay...Cpt. Rameses (Lee) commandeers a spaceship fleet from a dying planet. He needs to find another planet to conquer so his people can move there. He finds Earth.  Him and his very shapely first-mate, Sagnac (Sherri Ross) start planning.  Earthlings are abducted and their sexual practices are studied.  Going ther extra mile, Sagnac has sex with males in order to understand our species. Rameses then puts the conquest plan into action, and it is a good one.  Step one, destroy a base the benign League of Races (LAR) has set up on the ocean floor.  The LAR has come to Earth and ensures they will not be harmed by malignant civilizations.  Rameses and his peeps visit the LAR base pretending to be a research team.  The base is manned by lots of space babes clad in white leotards, some androids, space skanks, and wimpy diplomatic space dweebs.
After having sex with the beautiful Gazeth (Victoria Johnson), Rameses and Sagnac kill everyone including all the babes....and sadly...Gazeth. Rameses then turns on a machine that causes Earthlings to kill each other and commit suicide.  As the Earth's population dwindles, two LAR aliens enlist the aid of Duncan (Robert Vaughn).  Duncan is a UFO expert and he and the LAR survivors must find a way to stop Rameses, or the entire Earth population will be wiped out. As Rameses entire fleet speeds to Earth, Duncan helps the LAR to get their one remaining ship back on-line.  Even if successful, the odds are still against the forces of good.
 Will our heroes overcome and defeat the evil Rameses?  Is Rameses misogyny a metaphor for the evil forces in our world that seek to destroy civilization?  (.....yeah....probably not) Both Mr. Cushing and Mr. Lee landed scifi roles in 1977, and because Mr. Lee chose "Starship Invasions," Mr. Cushing would suffer from an inferiority complex the rest of his life.  Epic in nature...apocalyptic in tone....gruesome in spots...and lots of space-babes in peril, enjoy "Starship Invasions," which appears in great quality on YouTube.

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