Monday, June 20, 2016

Battletruck, The 21st Century Apocalypse

I love how 20th century films depict apocalypses in the 21st century!  For example, in today's masterpiece, "Battletruck" (aka "Warlords of the 21st Century"), Detroit is on it's last mind...bad example. Anyway...what better post-apocalyptic hero than Michael Beck.  Sandwiched between "The Warriors" and "Megaforce" is this 1982 near classic.  Our stern-faced protagonist will try to save the good peeps of an apocalyptic wasteland against an evil, armor-plated 18-wheeler.
The cities are a mess after the apocalypse and survivors live in barren wastelands.  Colonel Straker (James Wainwright) commandeers the aforementioned battletruck and has set up a garrison by a healthy fuel depot.  Straker loves killing the peaceful, looting their villages, stealing their food, and raping their women.  Uh oh....Straker's gal has escaped.  Corlie (Annie McEnroe) is put off by being his sex-slave, and is found by Hunter (Beck).  Hunter, on motorcycle, takes Corlie to his methane (chicken s#$t) farm.  He then deposits her in Clearwater.  John Ratzenberger from Cheers is the mayor there...but all is not good.  Straker wants his gal back and invades Clearwater....raping and pillaging along the way...but Corlie escapes.
Through torture, he learns that Corlie has fled back to Hunter.  Straker sets his sights on the chicken s#$t farm and declares war on Hunter. Hunter isn't content on being a victim, and he declares war on Straker and his minions.  Can't we all just get along?  Not in these films.  Hunter has an improbable plan....fix up a VW bug with armor plates to take on the 18-wheeler with armor plates.  Perhaps improbable, but when a pretty woman who has survived the apocalypse is at just may work. An explosive conclusion awaits and Corlie will discover who she will re-populate the planet with....a hot cycle hunk or a grouchy old misogynist.
1980s schlock all the way, but lots of fun.  Directed by Harley Cokeliss and heavy on Mad Max type chases, explosions, and senseless killings, "Battletruck" is available on YouTube.  A man's movie all the way...which is fair as it is likely men will cause the looming apocalypse.  This film may be one of the finest movies ever made in New Zealand.

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