Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sexy Cat, A very Sexy Killer

1973 was one of the best years for movies.  "The Exorcist," "High Plains Drifter," and "American Graffiti," were just a few of the masterpieces to grace the silver screen during the last full year of the Nixon Administration.  Spain's contribution to this artistic moment is a very gory, and erotic "Sexy Cat." Silly at times....trashy....seductive....and always gratuitous, "Sexy Cat" has everything fans of this blog will go goo-goo over.  Lots of black leotard and leather booted actresses (some victims, others suspects), a hunk private-eye, the obligatory gore and nudity all are delivered in typical Euro-trash fashion.
Sexy Cat is a comic, now being made into a film.  The heroine is a killer, and has a new victim every time another comic book hits the rack.  Uh oh, the original creator of this strip has been murdered and Karpis (Beni Deus) has stolen the story and is due to make millions.  Not so fast, Mike Cash (German Cobos) was hired by the deceased to prove that Karpis stole the idea.  He pays a visit to Karpis, who attempts to buy him off, and meets Martha (Dyanik Zurakowska) who is all too happy to give Mike the dirt on Karpis....and also to seduce him.  After some pre-marital sex in the dressing room, the two make arrangements for a more intimate setting.  Too bad for Martha, the real life Sexy Cat finds her inconvenient.  A poisonous snake is used to murder Martha.  Uh oh....both murders are right out of the Sexy Cat comic books.
Mike gets close to several beautiful women who have dirt on Karpis...but Sexy Cat seems to be reading his mind.  When he visits Carla Glove's apartment for some more pre-marital sex, and dirt on Karpis, our killer has already asphyxiated a very erotic death scene.  Uh oh...the beautiful Sugar (Maria Villa) has landed the part, much to the dismay to several other voluptuous she next?  All of the babes behave as if they have murder in their blood.  Is Karpis involved? Is the real life Sexy Cat an embittered actress?  May Mike be involved, after all twists are common in these European slasher flicks?  Or is there something more devious and weird controlling the plot?  Lots will be thrown at you in this Spanish gem.
Director Julio Perez Tabernero makes sure a beautiful babe is always on the screen, either killing, seducing, or dying.  Perhaps this film can be considered sexploitation, but the story is a good one, and would be more appropriately labelled an erotic, slasher film.  Available on YouTube, start your summer off with a score of stunning European women (many will die unfortunately), and a nice murder mystery.

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