Saturday, June 18, 2016

Space Probe Taurus, Sexual Harassment in Space

You gotta love those 1960s campy scifi B movies!  We don't do enough of them on this blog, but today we will look at 1965's "Space Probe Taurus." A space ship, a space babe, an alien, creatures, meteor storms, and macho spacemen...a terrific recipe.  Oh yes, the aforementioned space babe is Francine York.  Despite the fact that she spends the entire film on a cramped space rocket, we do get a gratuitous bikini scene of her, and lots of deep, passionate kissing.
The Hope 1 space vessel picks up where the Faith 1 failed.  It is searching for new planets to colonize.  The crew: Colonel Hank (James Brown) is serious and all business, Dr. Lisa (York) is a serious biologist.  Lisa and Hank are at odds as Hank does not believe a woman belongs on a space ship.  Let us not forget Dr. John (Baynes Barron), a wise guy with an inappropriate sense of humor, and Dr. Paul (Russ Bender) the old guy with experience.  Right out of the gate, our crew find an alien vessel and Hank and John board it.  They meet a slimy alien guy and blow him away.  Hank and Lisa spar some more as they quickly forget about Earth's first contact with an alien life form.
After a meteor shower damages the Hope 1, our crew crash lands on a planet.  Uh oh..they overshoot a land mass and are now resting on the ocean floor, beset by giant crab creatures. As our crew waits for the engines and computers to regain power, Hank pays a visit to Lisa in her lab.  Lisa, busy pouring liquid from one test tube into another is annoyed at the chauvinistic Hank.  Hank then grabs her, pulls her close without being invited to and plants a hard wet one on her lips.  Lisa pulls away and shows anger, but Hank does it again, this time with more Lisa is in love.  While Hank continues to make Lisa tingle, John dons SCUBA gear to explore the ocean and adjacent land mass, not realizing monsters await.
Is Hank right?  Is there no place for women in space?   Will our crew survive the sea creatures and escape from this planet?  Being kissed like no man has ever kissed a woman before...will Lisa forget about her test tubes and slip into a more revealing space costume?  This is a fun one, and those who like political incorrectness will be refreshed by the interplay between Lisa and Hank.  Enjoy "Space Probe Taurus," which is available on YouTube.