Friday, March 22, 2024

Pterodactyl 2, They're back!

Those of you who figured "Pterodactyl" would be the magnum opus of Danielle Scott, spoke too soon.  Her portrayal as a sweet blonde turned brutal monster killer definitely moves ahead of the bird-horror film as her defining role. Like in many horror films, if a monster killer does not destroy the nest...the creatures come back for a sequel.  Look at the Biden Administration, several years after we got rid of Obama...eek!  Today we look at 2023's "Pterodactyl 2," directed by Ben J. Williams.  This one stars a bunch of hot babes and some very useless men.  Typical U.K.

The sultry Carrie (Kelly Rian Sanson) goes to a cabin in the woods, of course, with her mates.  Her BFF Ronnie (Zarima McDermott), also a babe, tries to fix her up with the ghoulish Tom (Rene Vrabel). He'll be eaten...not by Carrie, but by an onslaught of monster birds.  This is good news/bad news for Carrie. Now she won't have to deal with the creepy Tom, but the birds have eaten most of her friends. She will get away with a decent bloke, Ash (Gaston Alexander). The two swear to keep this episode secret as both figure no one will believe them.  Carrie reconnects with her retired army commando dad, Robert (Jase Rivers).  We meet Robert and understand why the British military is known as a joke the world over. He'll assemble commandos from his old you want to guess how this will go?

Ash and Carrie also visit Lynn (Scott).  The duo finds out that she survived a bird onslaught last year.  She did and now has devoted her life to finding the ones she didn't already murder and also finding the nest.  Lynn, Ash, and Carrie head back to the woods as Robert's troops get eaten.  The bird attacks seem endless, and commando babes get eaten as fast as the commando hunks.  Lynn has attitude.  She also is heavily armed.  As this trio arrives, they find Carrie's dad on the defensive as just like the British military, he had no idea what he was up against.  Now with the help of Lynn, a competent war will be waged.  Uh oh... surprises await...of course.

Is Robert and his commandos a metaphor for the incompetence of NATO as they try to fight Russia?  Are all men in the U.K. as useless as the blokes in this film? Will there be a "Pterodactyl" franchise that may see a half dozen more sequels?  The Pterodactyl Universe, shall we say!  See "Pterodactyl 2" and find out why the Royal Family has Princess Kate locked in a cage in a dungeon.   

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