Thursday, March 28, 2024

Creature of the Walking Dead, or La Marca del Muerto

Okay...a 1961 Mexican horror movie! "La Marca del Muerto."  Then Americans come along and start culturally appropriating everything. Hence a 1965 horror movie with American names in the cast called "Creature of the Walking Dead."  Yep...Jerry Warren commandeered this from Fernando Cortes.  What is Cortes going to do...fight the Johnson Administration and try to sue in the corrupt U.S. courts?! Fat chance!  So today we look at a creepy and atmospheric Mexican...I mean American horror film, "Creature of the Walking Dead." An undocumented classic.

Dr. Malthus (Fernando Casanova) is a mad scientist who believes he has come up with a serum to give himself everlasting life!  This always ends well, doesn't it? There's a catch.  He needs human blood and a donor.  Not being a fool, Malthus abducts nubile babes to be the donors.  He needs them often. Finally the cops arrest him and hang him.  A hundred years pass.  His descendant, the young Malthus inherits the old house.  Martin takes possession and immediately finds the old lab, the notes of the experiments, and skeletons of dead nubile babes who were used as donors by his ancestor.  Now Martin gets a bright idea... complete the experiments.  Uh oh...he also digs up the original Malthus' body.  Yep...the younger Malthus abducts a babe (Aurora Alvarado) and uses her blood.  Now Malthus comes back to life and regains his youth.

The old Malthus over powers the younger and locks him in one of his cages.  Next, he finds the fiancé, Beth (Ann Wells) and sets a wedding date.  Uh oh...he cannot keep his youthful looks for long and must keep abducting nubile babes.  He again fills his cages in his dungeon with these cast-offs from Mexican soap operas.  Uh oh...he needs more and only Beth seems willing to come within 500 yards of him.  Now the nubile Beth is in danger.  Meanwhile, the young Malthus and the surviving but increasingly drained babes plan escape.  They better hurry.

Is there a chance the nubile Beth may actually prefer the older Malthus than her boring and inept fiancé?  In today's America could either Malthus have illegally entered the U.S. and be given their own hospital and supply of babes by the Biden Administration? Why can't current TV networks culturally appropriate Mexican soap operas and give up on current TV shows and movies that seem to be allergic to beautiful women?  This is a fun culturally appropriate away and enjoy "Creature of the Walking Dead." 

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