Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Forest Primeval, Indian Hallowed Ground and its Curses

Happens! You think you are minding your own business...instead, you trod on some old Indian burial ground.  Yep...big mistake.  Now, a centuries old curse is after you.  Soon, you lose your head.  How many hunks and babes have given their lives by doing just this?  Today we look at a Polonia Brothers film, 2008's "Forest Primeval," directed by John and Mark Polonia.  This one will boast of a really neat rubber monster standing eight feet tall with some nice teeth.

As our film begins, a hunter (Frank Humes) and his pretty wife (Maria Davis) are hunting on Skull Mountain.  Mistake.  Skull Mountain was the site where Indians used to decapitate white settlers who trespassed.  Now a centuries old monster is released as the land is trespassed on again.  The big red and toothy fiend swats both these peeps, decapitating them.  Uh oh...Camille (Cindy Wheeler) lives nearby and has visions of these murders.  Anytime the monster strikes, she sees it in these visions.  She is going crazy and no one believes she is sane.  Now she heads out to Skull Mountain to face her fears head on...this is not a good idea.  Also headed onto Skull Mountain is Lou (Kevin VanSant) and his buddy Reggie (David Fife).  The two are in an RV and Reggie will look for Indian gold with his metal detector.

The monster, now loosed, will be on a rampage.  It likes decapitating people and even wanders into a babe's home and swats her in a shower.  Camille is beside herself and determined to find it.  Many more will be decapitated or gutted.  The monster isn't the only fiend dredged up by old Indian curses.  Some corpse also joins the mayhem as it comes out of the grave.  Now everyone on Skull Mountain is dying horribly leaving Lou, Reggie, and Camille to either find out what is happening and how to stop it...or die trying.

Will Camille join either Reggie or Lou in the motor home for pre-marital sex?  Will the sequel to this film see a wealthy developer build a casino on this cursed Indian property?  Have either Lou or Reggie ever kissed a girl, or are they fated to attend Star Trek conventions every year?   Polonia Brothers Entertainment never fails to please, and this one is no exception.  The creature is wonderful and the deaths are so much fun.  For a terrific B movie experience, see "Forest Primeval."

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