Sunday, March 24, 2024

Arctic Hollow, Dark Horror, literally dark.  So dark this is almost a radio drama.  Fear not!  Actually, that will be easy. All the scares happen when it is almost pitch black. Monsters!  A lot of monsters!  In the dark!  Imagine what they will look like.  Anyway, this may not be a horror film per se...but almost like a H.G. Wells or Jules Verne type story.  There is another world to be discovered, deep underneath the one we live in. Anyway, IMDB can take their 3.3/10 rating and put it where the sun doesn't shine.  That is where this film takes place.  I'll say it...I enjoyed this film.  Today we look at 2024's "Arctic Hollow," written and directed by Scott Lambson.

Minimalist Bruce (Lenny Uitto) slurps his coffee and breakfast. He lives in a cabin with no furniture. Alone with sordid memories of lost opportunities and other bad stuff he gets inspired during an Alaskan blizzard when he hears a distress call.  A pilot, Bruce wants to rescue a party of four who claim they are being hunted.  Bad news.  The blizzard rages and there is no way to fly into where they are.  Snow be damned, he flies in anyway.  The landing will be tough as it will be a crash landing.  See, Bruce knew the bloke who made the distress call.  Carlos (Ricardo Costa) is the colleague of Alison (Stacey Ann Turner). Bruce loves Alison.  Bruce and Alison sort of hit it off on an awkward date, but realistically, if it is not Alison, Bruce will probably not find another girl.

Uh oh...Carlos tells Bruce that Alison never came back.  The quartet went into an underground cave looking for a lost world.  Alison is obsessed with finding it as she believes her missing dad is there.  Monsters get Carlos and Taylor (Ethan Kartchner)...never mind Taylor...and now Bruce descends into the cave alone looking for Alison.  He'll find monsters.  Or monsters will find him.  They will hunt him and he will run. Yep, no surprise here, Alison shows up. Uh oh, the monsters collapse the entrances to the cave and Bruce and Alison can only go down...down...down.  But will there be anything all the way down, like an underground world? 

Will Bruce and Alison rekindle the magic of that first date and engage in pre-marital sex?  Will the monsters get them first?  Is there an underground world that waits for them?  All these questions will be answered.  If you love radio drama, this is the film for you.  If your brain is good at 'filling in the blanks,' this is the film for you.  See "Arctic Hollow," and wait to see the light.

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