Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Asylum Blackout, Ominous Asylum Revolt Horror

No humor in this one.  No cute diversions or relationship building plot lines.  No breaks from an increasing ominous and gory story.  It'll make you squirm right away and then rev up the squirm level with every minute that passes.  Be warned...this is a horror film that does not try to be a cute story of human plight or personal struggle.  Many will die...all horribly.  They won't just die...they will be tortured, or taken apart while still alive.  They will be mocked, or hunted, or humiliated.  Get ready for 2011's "Asylum Blackout," directed by Alexandre Courtes.

Sans Asylum in Washington state houses criminally insane deviants.  George (Rupert Evans) is the head cook there.  He works with a staff that includes the cantankerous Max (Kenny Doughty) and Ricky (Joseph Kennedy).  The cook staff also has a rock band, which probably isn't any good.  One night a storm causes a blackout.  Now big tough guard JB (Dave Legeno) needs the cook staff to help him bring the homicidal maniacs back to their cells.  Not to worry...they are all high on their meds and quite docile...not. Something is wrong. It appears the insaniacs have been spitting out their meds and are not medicated.  They also see a chance to rebel and rip apart everyone in the asylum.  Mass murderer Harry (Marcus Garvey) seems to have organized a plot to find all the guards, nurses, and cooks and torture and kill them.

The inmates are unmerciful.  They'll pummel heads, cut off digits, chew off facial features, and even turn on their own.  George, who probably should've looked for another job when he could have, now is on the run inside the asylum with his staff.  They won't fare well.  What we are treated to on the screen will turn your head.  What the homicidals will do will be quite revolting.  You will wince and cover your eyes all the way until the closing credits.  Some may term this film "torture porn."

Does George and his fellow cooks, and metal band, have a shot at making their next gig?  What could these insaniacs have done if the nurses in this film looked like the nurses in "Halloween 2"?  Does Harry, the ringleader, have a point to his rebellion and massacre?  It is scary to think that half the American population is off their meds and another 49% are in control of taking their own meds. Perhaps this film is a metaphor of a society so dependent on psyche meds and where we are going with that.  Most probably, it is merely a gory and ominous horror film.  See "Asylum Blackout" and try not to cover your eyes or turn your head.    

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