Friday, December 30, 2022

Dinosaurus! Two Dinosaurs, Two Babes, and Annoying Hunks

Chica!  She's sultry.  The dame has a Latin flare to her as she prances around usually in revealing outfits.  A barmaid/waitress with a sordid past.  The sensuous Lucita Blain portrays her with allure and passion.  Even better, Chica is a demolitions expert that wins revolutions and goes to war against dinosaurs.  Sadly, she is not a major part of 1960's "Dinosaurus!"  This film is directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.  We wonder if the fact that Ms. Blain was reduced to a minor role had anything to do with her refusal to sleep with the producer.

Not a minor role, Betty (Kristina Hanson).  Conspicuous as Betty seems totally irrelevant other than looking great in swimsuits and fending off caveman rape.  Anyway, a dredging crew on a small Caribbean island, headed by hunk Bart (Ward Ramsey), unearths two dinosaurs.  Initially frozen, the monsters (a Brontosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex), they'll, of course, thaw.  Betty loves Bart and looks great in a swimsuit.  Also unearthed is a caveman (Gregg Martell).  Annoying or cute, you decide, is little boy Julio (Alan Roberts).  The three pre-historic beings are animated during a lightning storm.  Oh yes, the evil island manager Mr. Hacker (Fred Engelberg) sees the three unearthed things as a cash cow.

Okay, the dinosaurs run rampant around the island.  The T-Rex eats people and the Brontosaurus gives Julio rides.  Julio befriends the caveman and then both ride the big dinosaur.  Betty?  She'll almost get eaten by the T-Rex and saved by the caveman.  Uh oh...the caveman orders her to cook, clean, and lay down on a straw mattress and satisfy him.  In the background, Chica is making bombs and displaying bare shoulders...yes!  Bart and Betty love one another and now Bart goes after the caveman to save Betty.  Chica?  Oh, why, oh why, can't this film be centered on this sultry Latin rebel?

Will Chica use her bombs to blow up Betty or the dinosaurs?  After experiencing the mating rituals of a caveman, will Betty ever look at Bart again the same?  Will we be treated to the T-Rex eating Julio?  Yes, the damsel and revolutionary in this film are sultry and give it a nice cheese factor.  The two dinosaurs are also kind of neat.  For some mindless fun, allure, and hokiness...see "Dinosaurus!"

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