Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tonight She Comes, Nude, Blood-Soaked, and Angry

All right.  You will either love this one or hate it.  Disgusting gore and depraved nudity.  A lot of deaths...a satanic sacrificial rite...a Necronomicon type book...saps being ripped apart and having their brains eaten...and a dimwitted mailman!  Yep, today we look at 2016's "Tonight She Comes," directed by Matt Stuertz.  So, if you think it is possible for you to say, "Now, I love gore and blood...but this just went too far!"  Well, if you have it in you to say those words...don't watch this wuss!

Kristy (Dal Nicole) is running through the woods.  She's being chased.  She's also ready to give birth.  She won't escape and attempts to drive a shard of glass into her belly to kill whatever wants to be born.  Okay, the dimwit mailman James (Nathan Eswine) has a letter to deliver to Kristy and drives to her cabin...she's not there.  Also headed there are two nymphomaniac babes, Ashley (Larissa White) and Lyndsey (Cameisha Cotton).  After the two babes witness James' buddy jerking off, they bond with James.  Now both want sex with James and Kristy comes back...naked and dripping in blood.  Kristi is animalistic and attacks the three horny idiots.  The trio take refuge in Kristy's cabin only to find a satanic cult inside...happens.

It seems an old man, Francis (Frankie Ray) is trying to bring his dead wife back and not all is going to plan.  His two kids, the nubile Felicity (Jenna McDonald) and the menacing Philip (Brock Russell) are helping him.  Felicity is trying to put the pages back together of some satanic text.  A ritualistic sacrifice is needed and so is a virgin (good luck finding one). Meanwhile, Kristy, nude, angry, and dripping with blood obviously wants in so she can rip apart everyone in the cabin.  Now Ashley realizes the enormousness of the situation and figures she should help with the blood rite.  She might have decided this too soon as Kristy may not be the only threat to their safety.

The ending will be so gory and may exceed your limits for decency...or indecency.  Will Francis be able to bring his deceased wife back from the dead?  What's the deal with the nude and angry Kristy?  Will either the two babes or the mailman get some pre-marital sex before being sacrificed?  Bloody and extreme...but some of you will like this film a lot.  For a bloody good time, see "Tonight She Comes." 


  1. Nude and angry, I know what is coming next!

  2. Lol you nailed it re love or hate it. I personally liked it as I just had a lot of fun with it, but could get why others wouldn't dig it, as it was kinda all over the place and tried to shoehorn in everything but the kitchen sink, it seemed. But overall I quite enjoyed it, very nice review as always mate, I'll second your rec on this one:)