Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Sleeper, Nubile Sorority Babes Shredded by Psycho

Nubile sorority babes shredded by a psycho.  There are two ways to look at this. First...again?  Nothing new here.  Second...Yes!!!  As long as the sorority babes are in the throes of pre-marital sex...or in bikinis...or in a satin negligee...why not make this move?  However standard this plot is, aren't you glad the movie makers didn't make their version of "Beaches" or "Men Don't Leave"?  Hey!  Joe Bob Briggs has a cameo!  Today we look at 2012's "The Sleeper."

Amy (Brittany Belland) is a clean cut beauty.  She is asked to pledge a sorority filled with babes.  The studious beauty brings her babe roomie with her, Ava (Ali Ferda).  Oh! two years ago a maniac (Jason Jay Crabtree) hammered to death a pretty coed in bed.  Why? Who cares!  Amy and Ava make a great impression and are invited to join.  Cindy (Jessica Cameron) misses most of the party because she is having pre-marital sex with her boyfriend, Bobby (Paul Moon).  Bobby leaves and the maniac arrives and hammers Cindy to death in her bed.  The maniac has an M.O.  He makes obscene calls to the sorority and announces who is next.

Laurie (Jenna Fournier) is the chapter president.  She brings Ava and Amy to a bar for a really weird dance scene.  The maniac then pays visits to a bikini clad sorority sister and her boyfriend.  The results will be quite bloody and the bikini babe (Rianna Ballo) will be decapitated.  The kills are fantastic.  Twists? Nope! Gritty honesty...gotta love that.  Incompetent cops and a middle aged house mother will be useless to the plot unless they are murdered in gory fashion.  Now Amy, who might be the final girl, will be chased and terrorized and will eventually get to meet Joe Bob Briggs.

Will Amy, who will not have pre-marital sex in this film, survive the maniac?  Who is this maniac and why is he killing sorority girls?  Will there be mud wrestling matches or whipped cream and silly string fights?  Standard yes...but in a good way.  For some classic slasher action, see "The Sleeper."  

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