Friday, October 8, 2021

Desecrated, Warped Vet vs. Hunks and Babes

Yep...another story of someone who went over there to fight and came home a bit twisted.  Hollywood hates our vets and has never understood them.  Maybe that is why we will tend to cheer for our homicidal maniac as he hunts some college kids on spring break.  Today we look at 2015's "Desecrated," directed by Rob Federic.

As our film begins Ben (Gonzalo Menendez) has hunted down three not very innocent hikers.  He'll off them in gory fashion.  Ben?  He is the caretaker on Tom's (Michael Ironside) land.  Tom is a billionaire who frolics on yachts with bikini babes...but never mind this.  Tom's babe daughter, Allie (Haylie Duff) brings five friends to the wilderness estate for marijuana, pre-marital sex, and booze.  They find Ben and he is annoyed at the intrusion.  Ben is all military and the six college kids are not really into discipline or respect.  Ben begins his hunt.  He has rifles, pistols, land mines, daggers, and his fists. 

At first the kids think he is a bit strange but not a threat. Liz (Heather Sossaman) even wants to have pre-marital sex with him.  Sadly, Nina (Vera Rosada) is the first to go in very gory fashion.  No great loss, most of the college kids didn't like her.  See, Nina and her boyfriend Eduardo (Wilmer Calderon) discovered what Ben keeps in his secret shed...that made them inconvenient.  Now Evan (Gib Gerard) discovers his main squeeze, Allie, really only looks at him as a boy toy...his feelings are hurt.  No matter, Ben is getting meaner and less stealth in his hunting maneuvers.  Oh yes, we get Ben's real backstory...and it is horrific.

Do any of these hunks and babes have a chance at surviving Ben's wrath?  Will Liz get to have pre-marital sex with Ben and if so, will she survive it?  Will Allie shed a tear if her boy toy,  Evan, gets gutted by Ben?  The deaths are gory and sometimes heartbreaking as Ben emerges as a perfect killing machine.  For some neat college kids get shredded action...see "Desecrated."

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