Monday, May 21, 2018

WTF!, Gratuitous Nudity and Gore Abound

A sultry, naked, sweaty blonde (Nicolle Blair) runs out of an isolated cabin looking like she has just been in the throes of pre-marital sex.  She yells "What the F---!" She then receives a dagger between her shoulder blades and her nude body writhes around before she dies. I swear, movie makers are producing films with the goal of getting them on this blog.  So opens 2017's "WTF!" There will be lots of gore, nudity, pre-marital sex, skinny dipping, and bongs. This film features a magnum opus performance by Andrea Hunt. As Bonnie, a Paris Hilton wannabe, she is indignant when told an old creepy guy probably wants to rape her two friends Lisa and Rachel. Offended, Bonnie replies,  "Hold on! Why wouldn't he want to rape me too?"
The nubile, but clean-cut Rachel (Callie Ott) is the only survivor of a slasher who killed all of her buddies. Spring Break nears and she reluctantly agrees to go to a secluded cabin in the woods with her college buddies. No cell phone service...a big clue as to what's next. Her buxom buddies Bonnie and Lisa (Sarah Agor) will control the activities which include pre-marital sex and skinny dipping. The hunks who accompany them are into these activities, bongs, and additional pre-marital sex. Rachel is on edge, only Bonnie knows her history with the slasher. Avoiding pre-marital sex, drugs, and skinny dipping, Rachel ticks off her cad boyfriend Sam (Johnny James Fiore).  Sam need not fret, Lisa will oblige.
The slashing starts again.  They will be gory. A throat will be cut, intestines will be yanked out, a hatchet will be thrown...all the good stuff.  How about Bonnie?  As a Paris Hilton clone, will her demise be extra gory and elongated?  That's an easy one.  With another mass murder event underway in Rachel's life, all seems hopeless for her friends.  As the nubile gals and hunks fall, flashbacks fill us in on the events of the first mass murder.  Wait!  Something isn't right, who is....well, never'll see.
How did Rachel survive the first massacre and what happened to the slasher?  Does participation in skinny dipping spell doom for all of Rachel's pals?  Will Bonnie suffer the same fate as Nicolle Blair's character, or will her's be much worse?  Another easy question.  Experienced slasher fans will see the surprise ending a mile away, but the gore, gratuity, and  and attractive characters will make "WTF!" a worthwhile take. Oh yes, Perez Hilton is also in this film and I have to say, he always makes films enjoyable...thanks Perez!  For some neat slasher film thrills, see Peter Herro's "WTF!"


  1. Oh man I'm so there for this, awesome review mate & there seems to be a recent revival of slashers lately. You may also wish to check out The Tragedy Girls (2017) if you haven't seen yet, which is surprisingly decent. Another one is Tonight She Comes (2016) which starts out as a slasher before becoming something else entirely. In purely critical terms it isn't great & tries to shoehorn in more than one sub genre but I quite enjoyed it for what it was. Very nice review again Christopher will defo check this one out & thanks for the heads up on it. :)

  2. The moral of this review, don't go skinny dipping and abstain from pre martial sex.

  3. Christopher, Why do you keep adding more films to my never ending to watch list? "WTF" now has to be on this list! Sounds cocked full of many horror intangibles we all know & love! Great review thanks buddy!