Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Cheering Damsels in Much Distress

The Central High Raiders cheerleading squad will be put in much peril. Sadly, not all of them will emerge the beauties that they were as the film begins. In 2008's "Chainsaw Cheerleaders" witches, demons, probing worm creatures, and sacrificial rites will play havoc with some very nubile blondes. Gratuitous to the max, with cheerleaders in shower scenes, cheerleaders kissing each other scenes, cheerleaders being cut up scenes, and cheerleaders trying to think scenes. Best of all, there will be hot cheerleaders wielding chainsaw scenes as they mount an offensive against the forces of darkness.
Dawn (Michele Grey) has violent anger issues. After almost murdering her two-timing boyfriend, the school psychologist, the very hot Dr. Lacey (Debbie Rochon) orders her to join the cheerleading squad. Apparently, this activity will channel her aggression. The three bimbos currently on the team are sultry, team captain Bambi (Misty Marie), Jessica (Rebecca Lee), and Chassy (Jackey Hall).  Don't ask why, but this trio send Dawn to a house to sell magazine subscriptions. Uh oh, Dawn witnesses the lovely Sally (Erin Leigh Bushko) sacrificed by a witch. Dawn convinces her new friends to return to the house to investigate.
After some shower scenes, and gratuitous locker room scenes, the four gals return. Sally's sacrifice has conjured up a centuries old witch, Lucinda (Tiffany Shepis). Lucinda possesses Bambi's body and feels herself up before setting out on a murder spree of schmucks from Dawn's life. In fact, the nymphomaniac Dr. Lacey will have a probing demon worm crawl up her...well...you know...which will lead to her demise. Heck...you reach for a vibrator and grab a devil worm...could happen to anyone. Now Lucinda, in Bambi's body sets her amorous and evil sights on the cheerleaders. Clad in their revealing uniforms, our cheerleaders grab chainsaws to fight Lucinda/Bambi.
What does Lucinda want from the Raider cheerleaders? Does Dawn and her three blonde bimbo cohorts have what it takes to defeat a centuries old evil? If Bambi survives this ordeal, will she be able to get Lucinda on sexual harassment, even though she was felt up by her own hands? Internal organs will be ripped out and eaten, faces will be bitten off, and demon worms will find warm hiding spots in nymphomaniacs...yes, there is plenty to enjoy in this horror flick. Written and directed by Donald Farmer, enjoy "Chainsaw Cheerleaders."
Note: Even before this one was posted, it already has international notoriety... from Asia and the Truth Sequences Blog see this on the Pope and Chainsaw Cheerleaders Pope and Chainsaw Cheerleaders


  1. Sounds a bit on the "thinner" side without the food. Lol I will check it out. Ur reviews r always well written.

  2. All I can say, I want to see THIS MOVIE, pulled up and ready, i wrote a similar kinda story, less gory here http://truthsequences.blogspot.com/2018/04/outside-pub-pope-smiles-benevolently.html

  3. I just can't say no to gratuitous shower & locker room scenes! Nice review mate It sounds better than the vampire chainsaw chicks one :D