Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Carnosaur 2, Dinosaurs Eat Miners

Not a true sequel, sadly. Of course, a true sequel to "Carnosaur" would have had a few scant survivors on Earth battling a new race of Tyrannosaurus Rex'. The drawback would have been no women in the cast as they were shoved into extinction in the original.  Still, when dinosaurs and humans engage in battle, especially in close quarters, it is still fun. Hence, from Executive Producer Roger Corman, we have 1995's "Carnosaur 2."
At the Yucca Mountain Mine an angry T-Rex shreds all the miners. The monster took everyone by surprise. Little did the plutonium miners realize, the facility also was experimenting on bringing dinosaurs back to life...and it worked!  With the mine/Top Secret lab now off the grid, the government sends in a tactical team to figure out what happened.  Major Tom McQuade (Cliff DeYoung) will accompany this grouchy band of...well...I'm not sure what they are, we'll call them soldiers. The very pretty Galloway (Neith Hunter) will fly them in on a chopper. Galloway is really cute and quite perky, but because this is a Roger Corman film...well...don't get too attached to her as her death will be quite horrible.
Now inside the Yucca Mountain facility, the team, led by the grouch Jack Reed (John Savage) find body parts all over the place. They also find a survivor, a teen aged computer hacker (Ryan Thomas Johnson), in shock.  Almost immediately, our grouchy team starts getting picked off by T-Rex' and Jack and company start fighting back. Meanwhile, our government hack, McQuade,  knows more than he is letting on. The monsters can bust through walls and munch away at Reed's men (...and women). After the perky Galloway gets it, the only other female member of the team, Sarah (Arabella Holzbog) is pulled apart like string-cheese. Just in time, our teenager hacker comes out of shock, and him and Reed must figure a way out of a secret lab under lock-down before the self-destruct program is activated.
Would there have been any harm in letting the perky Galloway survive? Since this is a Roger Corman film, are the two babes in this film better off dead? Is "Carnosaur 2" a metaphor of the difficulty the U.S. mining industry would endure over the next 20 years? More of a straight forward man vs. monster film than the original "Carnosaur," this sequel has plenty of good gore and some great actors yelling a lot. For cheap thrills and good monster acton, take in "Carnosaur 2," directed by Louis Morneau.

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  1. Roger Corman films always have hot chicks, one reason to watch it