Sunday, May 27, 2018

Cold Blooded Beast, Beautiful Nymphomaniacs Die Horribly

Where do I begin? So much to admire, here. An old mansion in Italy converted to a mental asylum. This spacious estate is adorned with medieval weapons and torture devices. The patients? Beautiful Italian women clad in see-through negligees or nothing at all. The doctor?  Klaus Kinski! Asylum activities? A lot of lesbian sex, lesbian messages, heterosexual sex, and a hefty dose of babes pleasuring themselves. Oh yes...the final 60 seconds of this film will be the most gratuitous and bloody conclusions ever put on film. 1971's "Cold Blooded Beast" (aka "La Bestia Uccide a Sangue Freddo").
They're all nymphomaniacs, but in Italy that doesn't land you in a loony-bin. Actually Anne (Rosalba Neri) is confined because her nymphomaniac tendencies center around her brother. Ruth (Gioia Desideri) is a homicidal maniac who attempts to murder anyone withing 20 feet of her...but a beautiful homicidal maniac. Cheryl (Margaret Lee) is suicidal.  Mara (Jane Garrett) is agoraphobic. As our story begins, Ruth has just been dropped off by her husband and Mara is given a beautiful nurse named Helen (Monica Strebel). The pretty red-headed nurse will have much lesbian sex with Mara before Mara gets a crossbow arrow through the neck.
Dr. Clay (Kinski) is hesitant to allow the suicidal Cheryl to leave. Supposedly cured, Clay disagrees and desires to keep the beauty under his care. The murders begin. As Anne has passionate sex with a groundskeeper in the greenhouse, a nurse is beheaded. In quick fashion, the killer arms himself with medieval weapons, which will include an iron maiden. An axe, the aforementioned crossbow, a dagger, a mace, and a noose will also be at his (or her) disposal. As the beauties are shredded everyone still breathing is a suspect.  More nudity and lots more sex (of every kind) fills up most of the second half of this Giallo epic. With the killer on the loose, to survive, a beauty will have to put herself in immense danger.
Could Dr. Clay be the killer, after all he is played by Klaus Kinski? Is one of the sexy patients the fiend, after all they are mental patients? How about the lesbian nurse, Helen? Could she just be a throw-in gratuitous character? I'm not even going to give you a hint about the last 60 seconds of this film. For some very gratuitous and prurient enjoyment, indulge in "Cold Blooded Beast" (directed by Fernando Di Leo).   


  1. Very nice review Christopher & this sounds right up my alley & thanks very much for the heads up on it, I always found Klaus Kinski inherently creepy. I'm interested in seeing more of di Leo's offerings he did a great Polizioteschi flick Caliber 9 (1972) & his To Be Twenty (1978) is quite frankly an oddity with around 95% of it being a sexploitation comedy before it suddenly takes a completely left field & really mean spirited turn down a very dark avenue indeed. Great review again mate will definitely check this one out.

  2. I just wish the Italians continued with this tradition of movies, let's take the good old days back out of the time capsule, great review, in your element this time.